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  1. kiwi37

    3v to 5.5 v

    Hi if anyone can help please do. My question is I'm after a module that needs 3v to 5.5v if I use a 3.7v will I get the same power in mw as if I used 5.5v ?or does the more voltage produce higher mw?
  2. kiwi37

    Thanks to DTR and Eghemus

    Just wanted to first say thanks to DTR for the awesome NDB7875 9mm 445nm diode in the copper module with 2.4A X drive and G2 glass lens. Really happy with it. Secondly would like to thank Ehgemus for the awesome host it's perfect!! Really happy with both of your creations. Pictures I took are...
  3. kiwi37


  4. kiwi37


    Hi I'm 37 male . I've been fascinated with lasers for many years and recently decided to build my own I brought a ten mw red diode with collimating lens from jaycar got made my own driver using the lm317t along with resistors and stuff I found on a schematic on the internet soldered it all...