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    Need help from a UK member

    Planning to purchase something from the UK. Unfortunately, it's only available to UK residents and I live in Singapore. Hope that a fellow UK member can help me out here. Really urgent. I'm contactable through LPF's private messaging. Thanks.
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    4 x Kryton Barrels SOLD

    I have 4 Kryton Barrels from the first run and would like to sell them off since I no longer need them. They have never been used. Look here for more information: http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1193790319 I'm asking for $45 for 1, $85 for 2, $130 for 3 and $170 for all 4...
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    Hello fellas, I have here new WL shades for 650nm. These are the blue ones. Lab-style. Not the sports type. Condition: Mint, used for a little while but rest assured it looks exactly like new. Price: $30 shipped + 4% paypal fees. Payment method: Paypal only, sorry guys. Please send me...
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    Discount for me?

    Does the discount offer still stand??? ;D ;D ;D ;D What took them so long?
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    Has anyone tried this?

    I'm interested to know if anyone's tried modifying a maglite with more than 1 LD though I'm not sure how it's gonna work... ::)
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    SOLD: Andover Holography LPM-1

    Up for sale is an Andover Holography LPM-1. Condition is new, comes with the serial cable. Never used before and it also comes with the filter. The Andover Holography LPM-1 $ 180.00 The glass filter attenuator for power >100mw $ 36.00 The serial cable to plug in...
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    $700 RPL 300 - 2 WEEK SPECIAL!

    It's time for me to let go of my RPL-300.  :-/ My latest obsession requires lots of funds, since I'm not using my RPL, I'd rather sell it. Regarding warranty issues, please refer to bootleg2go's post. The laser is in great condition. No signs of usage. Probably used it for only 10 minutes or...
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    Prohibited Items

    Hello fellow LPF-ers. I was looking at the USPS website but to no avail as to what items are prohibited. Anyone with experience care to share some knowledge on what items are not allowed to be shipped out of the US?
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    What happened?

    Seems like there are more users here than before. What happened? It's a good thing though... forum becomes more active and... more group buys? ;D
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    Is this worth it?

    Are these: http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160126451402&sspagename=ADME:B:SCO:US:1 worth $330?
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    This is just sick

    A MOTHER not only allowed her four daughters to be raped by their father and three brothers but also used a bomoh to cast a spell to get them to willingly become prostitutes, reported Harian Metro. The tabloid said the four teenagers were forced to prostitute themselves to relatives and...
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    Don't mess around with Grannies

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mji82PQTYeo Looks kinda fake. If it were real, that granny has got superhuman strength! LOL
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    The Real HULK

    An 18 month old toddler has got muscle hypertrophy caused by the lack of myostatin protein. This kid started doing pull ups after 8 months and gave his mother a black eye and punched a hole in a plaster wall during a tantrum. His muscle mass was 40% more than that of a normal toddler his age...
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    INSANE Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi7G-VzU2r4 This guy has got serious mad skills. Although... you can't really do this to the real thing.
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    Hilarious video.... I think lol

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    Is it just me or is CPF down? I can't seem to enter even CPF underground. Anyone having the same problems??
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    Little Panda Sneezing

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    http://www.youtube.com/v/fJuNgBkloFE No offense to Americans. Just thought it was kinda funny lol. Is this true?
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    Black lasers!

    Heh. Black lasers are real. In a little place called "dreamland"! Anyway, won't it be cool though? To have a black laser. Although you probably won't be able to see it at night.
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    Batteries for RPL300

    The battery Jack sent me for the RPL seems to be a little weird. While charging it in my DSD charger, it seems to be fully charged after a good 15+minutes? When I always thought it should be around an hour or more. And the battery seems to die off so fast that I barely have any time to...