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    Experiences with Rayfoss.

    On March 6, 2011 I placed an order with Rayfoss for this. I received it today (March 22, 2011). I live in Texas, USA (for those looking for a delivery timeline). I have no LPM but I do have a confirmed 30mW 532nm pen. My 50mW 532nm from Rayfoss seems every so slightly less powerful than my...
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    Advice on what to do about budgetgadgets.com

    I ordered HLP18130 Focusable Burning Red from budgetgadgets.com on Sept 4 and it's now Oct. 1 w/ no laser. I've already contacted them concerning where my order is and they assure me that it's own it's way and also they've provided the a tracking number that gives no information. But I do...
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    Hello from new forum member...

    Hello all. New to the laser community and had been lurking here for a while before joining. I've recently had a spark of interest in laser's/pionters and it appears to be a lot of great knowledge here on the forums... Thomas