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  1. JBTexas

    Weather! (or lack of it)

    I am REALLY getting sick of this.
  2. JBTexas

    Survival Lasers 405 / 445 x-tension tubes?

    I've bugged Gary too much with newb question PM's lately, so I will post my question here. I have a Survival Lasers folder on my hard drive; copied data & tables, downloaded PDF manuals from his website, etc. From the answers to this post, I will copy and paste into -> my Survival Lasers info...
  3. JBTexas

    Proper charge cycles for CR123A?

    It was relatively easy for me to find info on 18650 batteries; WHEN they should be charged, WHAT a full charge is, etc.; found the data on the web AND in the forum. ===== 18650: Full charge = ~ 4.1 to 4.2 volts WHEN they should be charged for best lifetime = 3.7 to 3.8 volts (please correct me...
  4. JBTexas

    Should I get a G1 Glass lens for my SL-R?

    I've PM'd Garoq, awaiting news, but I may as well ask for as many opinions as I can get. Should I order a G1 glass lens for my Survival Laser 660nm 300mw? (which I ordered with the default AR coated acrylic lens). I've already searched through the forum, re: "Glass versus Acrylic". Didn't...
  5. JBTexas

    Diffuse laser reflection; why "shimmer"?

    First of all, I DID try to google this, and I DID try a search on the forum. Okay... I've wondered about this off and on for a long time. I first noticed it with my ~ 5mw red HeNe back in the late '70s. Put a focused laser spot on say, a white wall (glossy paint) - it doesn't seem to matter...
  6. JBTexas

    Survival Laser Red 660nm 300mw

    Mine just arrived a little while ago. Overall: GREAT! Unfortunately I do not have a digital camera or an LPM; sorry. There are photos and a video on the Survival Laser website. Survival Laser: Survival Laser Home The package that I purchased: Survival Laser R 660nm Parts Bundle w/Accessories...
  7. JBTexas

    Teflon Tape / Alternatives

    I ordered a laser kit this afternoon ; a Survival Laser 660nm 300mw. Already shipped, due to arrive this friday/1 july! (THANKS, Gary!!) I've been advised that I might need teflon tape for the focusing system. I am disabled with a heart condition, and I do not drive due to my cardiac...
  8. JBTexas

    My new 200mw Gatlin arrived!

    The mailman knocked on my door just this afternoon! I haz a happee! EDIT: This is my FIRST Hi-Power laser. I received a pair of safety goggles from Trevor about a week ago (Wicked Lasers, very dark red, unmarked but Trevor did some tests and estimates between OD 3.5 to 4). They seem to work...
  9. JBTexas

    What makes a good camera for lasers?

    I've never owned a digital camera. What parameters does one look for when shopping for a digital camera to do photo/video work -> lasers? I guess I can say "is it IR sensitive", "what are the low-light characteristics"? Can it do video, as well as stills. Storage medium (I have a multi-card...
  10. JBTexas

    Exactly HOW is max duty cycle determined?

    I am guessing that the manufacturers: (1) Just plug in a tried-and-time tested thing (an assumption), like "90 seconds on, 20 seconds off" or whatever. (2) Maybe they actually do tests with a thermistor or whatever? Is there some way we could benefit from this question... is there any hard...
  11. JBTexas

    200mw Gatlin Duty Cycle and Batt Life?

    I have one of these on order: New Gatlin Green laser 200mW/waterproof/adjustable [OLGA-200] - $209.02 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products (oops - thats the Canadian price - US price is 189.00) (still "processing" since 4 business days ago - hasn't shipped yet) ... and it...
  12. JBTexas

    Lowest output but still Hi-WOW for nitesky?

    Soon, I THINK I want to do my first DIY laser (green). I have browsed thru the manufacturers, and the DIY / Guide threads on these forums. I still have decisions to make and questions to ask (what host, which battery chemistry, etc?)... and I need to finalize my list of questions, all of my...
  13. JBTexas


    Laser Pointers - Green, Red, Blue Lasers at Laserpointerpro.com ? PROs: (1) Apparantly in Brooklyn, NY, so good for US customers. (2) Prices too cheap to believe. CON: (1) Prices too cheap to believe. (2) Website kind of ... "flashy bang-pow!" (suspicious here...) I GUESSING that the veterans...
  14. JBTexas

    Newbie Question; why write speed for blu ?

    I've noticed in this section, and Buy/Sell/Trade, etc., that people use terms such as 12x and 16x in conjunction with blue lasers; is that the write speed that the diode was designed for? (from, say, a Blu-ray burner?) If so, why is that important (enough so that it is mentioned frequently)...
  15. JBTexas

    Holography w/ Diode Lasers?

    Has anyone tried holography w/ diode lasers? Just curious... I used to experiment using HeNe. I doubt I will get into it again (too messy)... but maybe someone could post details concerning their setups (w/ modern tech) / experiences?