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  1. Master Philip

    Hello from Alaska. New member Master Philip here.

    Hello all and a Merry Christmas to those who read this today! :san: My name is Philip. I am 32yrs. old (born in '82 for those not reading this this year). I live in Alaska and work on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay for an oil drilling rig company. I do two week on/off rotations. I am currently...
  2. Master Philip

    Help deciding: 445nm or 462nm for first burner

    Hello all. This is Philip (I'm new here). I'm 32, I live in Alaska, I'm currently at work in Prudhoe Bay. The internet (here at work) is lousy (to say the least). I have been having a difficult time trying to find the right thread to ask this in, so I just made this one instead. I've spent the...