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    Building a laser?

    Hey. I was wondering, will buying a host, diode and module, and assembling it myself cost less money? If so, how much less? I want a 0.5W or at least a 250mw 532nm laser, and they are pricey, so I was thinking maybe I’ll build one? Is it possible with that output? If so, what do I need exactly...
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    Anyone know a trustworthy seller on AliExpress by any chance?

    I know most of them are cheap overpriced laser pointers, but there are some sellers that have good merchandise but just can’t write the real mW output. I know this forum is mostly American and AliExpress is not popular there as it is elsewhere, but maybe someone knows about a good honest...
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    Obviously new, with a question..

    Hey all. Beam wise ONLY - Is there a maximum output that exceeding it won’t make a lot of difference and it’s a waste of money? I mean, let’s say a 1.6W 450nm laser provides a nice fat clear beam, would a 3W 450nm laser produce a noticeable difference? Or nothing that’s worth the extra money...