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  1. jimdt7

    SOLD: Sparkfun 25% Promo-code

    Hello everybody, I've been away from LPF for a while now. Exams have been all over my head this year. :can: Anyway, while doing some room-cleaning, I found a 25% off Sparkfun promo code that I got from Maker Faire Rome. It is going to expire soon and I don't have anything in mind to order. I...
  2. jimdt7

    FS: 100mW of Forest Green (PL520) in MS-Envy Host!!!

    Hello my friends, Up for sale I got my new build which sits inside the Envy host made by Sinner, it uses the PL520 diode (520nm) and a micro-boost drive set at 290mA! It outputs 70mW using the 3-ellement lens and 100mW using the O-like G2 lens. Both lenses are included in the price! :beer...
  3. jimdt7

    Looking for some help from UK members!

    Hello my friends, I want to buy a gift for someone from a UK online shop but sadly it doesn't accept paypal nor ships outside the UK. (I've looked for other shops but none accept paypal). Thus I would like some help from you guys! I am looking for someone in the UK who has both a credit card and...
  4. jimdt7

    FastTech's AMC7135 "Advanced +" IC's ???

    Hello guys, Two months ago I ordered some AMC7135 chips from Fastech (both 350mA and 380mA), when they arrived I put them to test only to find out that they were cheap knock-offs with almost 1.2V drop. I contacted them and they offered to send me replacements. Yesterday I received the new...
  5. jimdt7

    Anybody into Electric-Bicycles? Looking for a custom battery pack!

    Hello everybody, I use my bicycle almost everyday to go to work and since my birthday was 2 weeks ago I managed to gather a good amount of money so I decided to convert my bike to an electric one probably using the Magic-Pie 3 kit. The only thing that is killing my pocket right now is the...
  6. jimdt7

    Laserbee 2.5W USB Mod

    Hello guys, I've been having some problems with my laserbee in the last few months but never really wanted to ship it to Canada to get it fixed. The main problem was the USB cable which was poor quality thus the connector broke and after some inspection same thing happened to one of the...
  7. jimdt7

    FS: X-Drive with Leads 23$ shipped!

    I have an x-drive set at 290mA with new silicon leads soldered in hand and I am looking to trade it for a boost-drive or sell it for 23$ shipped First-Class Worldwide! :beer: Offers accepted! :thanks: Thanks, Jim
  8. jimdt7

    HELP: Looking for someone to calibrate-recoat my LPM!

    So guys I need some help, I accidentaly made a mark on the TEC of my 2.5W USB laserbee using my 3W laser...I know it's stupid but it happened. Can anybody recoat and recalibrate it for a reasonable cost? :can: Thanks in advance, Jim
  9. jimdt7

    [ALL SHIPPED!!!] GB: 9$ O-like's "G2" Lenses CLOSED!!!

    So it all started about a month ago when Grix made this thread about o-like having some "g2" lenses for 11$ which is a great deal since a new G2 costs about 40$. So as soon as he got them he put them to test and here are his results: TEST USING M-140 (1.38A) - BlueFan TEC LPM Optical power...
  10. jimdt7

    "DREMEL Versatip" as Soldering Iron

    Hello guys and happy new year, I was looking to buy a new soldering iron and I came accroos this tool from Dremel...Dremel Hobby VersaTip 6 in 1 Heat Tool I searched for videos and reviews but I didn't find any details about it's soldering ability! Any opinions? Has anyone ever used it? :can: Jim
  11. jimdt7

    FS: X-drive 2.2A 25$ shipped!!!

    Hello guys, I have for sale and x-drive set at 2.2A or 2.1A (my testload got fried and I can't remember really). It's only 25$ shipped worldwide!!! Jim
  12. jimdt7

    FS: Broken electronics sale!!!

    So I am looking to buy a new smartphone for xmas (probably the htc one) thus I have to sell some stuff from my collection. I tried listing them on ebay but they require that you enter a reimbursement payment method so bye bye ebay!!! 1) Sony xPeria P Black in Excellent Condition (parts only)...
  13. jimdt7

    FS: Firedragon-VII 650nm 50mW plus some extra goodies !!!UPDATED!!!

    Guys, I know I've been off the forum lately due to school and stuff but finally I am back in the laser bussiness! :wave: I am strugling to raise some funds for the new PL-520nm diode :san: First up for sale is a Firedragon-VII (650nm) at 50mW. It meters at 41mW (see chart below) and stays...
  14. jimdt7

    Went hiking today....

    So today I went for hiking and luckily i got my cam with me. Here is the best picture I took: Thanks for looking, Jim
  15. jimdt7

    Planning to build a Laser Cutter/Engraver

    I'm planning on building a DIY laser cutter or engraver at least. Since i can't afford to buy a CO2 laser I'll probably use a blue-ray or 445nm. Max budget is about 300$ I got some questions: 1) How many mW do i need to engrave paper or thin wood? 2) Motor and controller suggestions? 3) Am i...
  16. jimdt7

    Shipping Laser to US! Any tips?

    I just sold a laser and have to ship to to USA. Except from seperating in two packages, any other tips in order not to get seized by customs? :tinfoil: Jim
  17. jimdt7

    SOLD!!!! FS: Overspec Green O-like Crown 500mW

    SOLD!!! Up for sale my Crown Upgrade from o-like! Its the 500mW green model, which is also overspec. Check my sig! Pictures and lpm graph are on the way! :D Here are the pics: In this graph i used a TrustFire 2500mAh 18650 (Silver One) charged to 3.9V Will upload a new one later as...
  18. jimdt7

    FS: Call of Duty PS3 Games

    Hello guys, i have for sale, to of my favourite call of dutys! 1) Call of Duty MW2 (Prestige Edition, only the cd with metal case) 2) Call of Duty Black Ops (Usual Edition) :p I accept reasonable offers! Jim
  19. jimdt7

    SOLD !!!! FS: iPod Nano 5th gen & Apple Universal Dock

    BOTH ARE NOW SOLD !!!!!! So guys i have for sale, two Apple products. 1) iPod Nano 5th Generation 8GB Black I have lost its package so i am selling just the iPod. Mind that it has some minor scratches ;) Price: 59$ shipped :D 2) Apple Universal Dock Its in its original package, with all...
  20. jimdt7

    FS: PSP GO Black 120 euros (Huge Price drop)

    Hello guys, i have a PSP Go Black for sale. It's in almost perfect condition :D Its internal memory is 16gb and the price also includes 8 games, and a 8GB memory stick. The whole bundle is 160euros ----> 120euros Offers ARE Accepted ! Jim