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  1. TacoHerder

    O-like 532nm 100mW wide beam laser

    Well it looks like I have to try and sell this to get some money in. Still works, has never been dropped and isn't scratched. The case in the pictures I have as you can tell is starting to unweeve a bit. Im sure you have about 5 more just like it though. Asking $65 shipped to US. comes with...
  2. TacoHerder

    Phillips Argon KTP Filter Laser Safety Glasses

    I have a pair of used Phillips safety glasses im looking to sell. They cost $89.99+ shipping new. Looking for $70 shipped to the US. No major scratches, has a few tiny scratches but nothing you can see while wearing the glasses. A must have for anyone with a laser over 400mW. Also, the zipper...
  3. TacoHerder

    35W HID flashlight.

    Well I need to get some money for rent which is past due... Next is my 35W HID flashlight. This sicker is a beast. The bulb went out and I had to order another one. It came all dusty and looking like crap. I got it cleaned off, but you can tell the bulb isnt quit 100%. It comes with a 2 mode...
  4. TacoHerder

    Do not buy from o-like

    So as some are aware O-like has gone down hill, and fast. Many members here lately have received broken lasers. They have stopped shipping in the white laser boxes, instead they put your laser in a black holder for you to strap to your belt and put in a paper package. The bubble wrap is pretty...
  5. TacoHerder

    My diode die?

    So i bought a mitsubishi 200mW 660nm diode off ebay. Soldered it all up to my driver and completed the laser. It worked perfect, burned my wallet pretty quick. So I put it down for a few min, then tried it again. When I turn it on a faint red dot comes out... Was my diode a dud? It worked the...
  6. TacoHerder

    This has got to STOP

    I came across this last night. How can you take a job teaching autistic knowing how difficult it can be, and WALK all over them?!?! This crap is pathetic and something needs to happen to prevent this from happening again. Stuart Chaifetz Secretly Tapes His Autistic Son at School, Discovers He's...
  7. TacoHerder


    Hey guys, i was looking thru kickstarter and came across something pretty cool. Its called a soundlaser, for $25 you get the basic kit to DIY. Its been 100% funded so this will be made. Figured some of yall might think this would be a fun project. Soundlazer by Richard Haberkern — Kickstarter
  8. TacoHerder

    Where did i mess up?

    So i just checked out this driver i installed. Its a round driver set at 500mA and im using it for a 445nm c6 build. When i tested to see if it worked nothing happen. Then i noticed the pill got really hot. Did i solder the hot too close to something? Is my driver a gonner?
  9. TacoHerder

    24W HID flashlight question

    So i purchased a 24W HID flashlight today. I wanted it for when i go on vacation and camping. Also there seems to be more and more foxes and coyotes walking around outside my work. I always walk around at night to make sure everything is ok since i work all night. Last pair of coyotes didnt...
  10. TacoHerder

    Thermal epoxy

    I was about to start soldering together my 16mm round driver and put it in the pill. Then realized i didnt have any thermal epoxy. I know its a must for strong lasers, but this build is for a Mitsubishi 300mW 635nm diode. The driver is set at 487mA.Should i wait to install it in the pill till i...
  11. TacoHerder

    Temp sensor and safety switch

    Ive been thinking how nice it would be to make a laser that has a safety switch of some type and maybe a temp sensor in case your heatsink starts getting overheated. Anyone know where i could find something like that? Been looking, so far cant find anything small enough to place in a laser host.
  12. TacoHerder


    Do the sony PSP use a blue-ray diode?