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    Quick writeup on two Chinese lasers: WORD GX "Amazon" 445 nm vs. Thor H 3W 445nm

    So with me being a laggard after learning that high powered handheld lasers were easily available back in December, I went on Amazon immediately and got their, as the manual calls it, "High -power blue lightf flashlight." It was listed on Amazon as "WORD GX" along with a bunch of other mumbo...
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    Ultrafire 501B/Lifetime17 Cu Heatsink x Osram PLTB450B

    The threading on that Amazon "Word GX" blue laser I have finally crapped out, so I needed to look elsewhere if I wanted a true utility/burning laser. A week ago I contacted Lifetime17 for a heatsink so I could start on my second build. I originally wanted some sort of 405nm diode, but after...
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    First completed build! And a learning experience

    As I promised in my introductory thread, I'd be posting about my first attempt at building one of these things. My name's Jack, I'm 27 and work in manufacturing so I'm very familiar with EHS and OSHA regulations and safety standard operating procedures when handling hazardous materials and...
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    Greetings from New York

    Hey all, new member from NY here. I had no idea that there was such a helpful community focused on lasers. The technology for handheld devices has come such a long way since I got my last pointer I had, maybe 17 years ago, which was a tiny red dot (probably under 1mw) that's actually been lost...