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  1. Captain Dan

    Poll: LPF Members Facebook Group?

    Just something that crossed my mind today. Maybe there should be a facebook group for LPF members so we can add each other and stay connected. I don't really have too much of an opinion for this but I would like to hear the forum's words on this. Is it stupid or not? Edit: Poll closes at the...
  2. Captain Dan

    Is my new style dilda dead?

    I need some help I don't know if my dilda is dead or not and I quit my job days ago because school is starting, and of coarse I can't do both because of clubs and sports. So if I can use anyone's batteries that would be great. If you have suggestions for cheap ones that would be good but I...
  3. Captain Dan

    Best .22 Long rifle?

    I am looking into buying a very accurate and affordable .22 bolt action rifle (not single shot) I am researching and thinking of buying a Marlin model 981T. $190, bolt action repeater, and all I hear is good news about it. If anyone has some other suggestions for a better .22 bolt action please...
  4. Captain Dan

    What is the best and least expensive scope?

    I'm looking to buy a scope for my .22 cal semiautomatic marlin and I'm trying to keep it under $50. What's a really good scope I can use for that price?
  5. Captain Dan

    Once upon a beamshot...

    Here are my first beamshots that actually came out Very good! A beamshot is worth a thousand words. Taken only by the world's crappiest camera!
  6. Captain Dan

    Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Question.

    I am going to buy a Gamo Whisper air rifle later this year and I would like to know what the body is made out of. I searched and searched beyond the great 7 seas to find the answer but I couldn't. If you have this gun can you tell me what the body is made of? Metal? Plastic? Wood? Also is there...
  7. Captain Dan

    My first ever video review!

    Please tell me what you think I just bought this camera! It's a review of the 200mW new style red laser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1rgzzSstkM] If you like it I will make more reviews in the future.
  8. Captain Dan

    Wicked Lasers might sell a yellow laser soon!

    Saw this on facebook today and thought I might share it with the forum. Looks like wicked is going to sell it's first yellow laser! I wonder how much it will cost?
  9. Captain Dan

    What camera do you use?

    I would love to do video reviews of my lasers but I have no camera. I might sell my monitor or trade it for one here on the forums. What is the best camera you can use for reviews?
  10. Captain Dan

    Fake lasers in pictures.

    THIS THREAD SERVES NO PURPOSE ANYMORE SINCE MY AVATAR IS GONE THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT TOOK IT SO SERIOUSLY. OK I made this so people don't start pointing lasers in their eyes and so people stay safe. My old avatar showed a picture of me and what appeared to be a laser in my eye. The wonders of...
  11. Captain Dan

    The Evolution Pro is now 5mW? Only $40!

    It's not called the evolution pro anymore I guess. It's called the E2 Evolution Fusion. I would love to get my hands on one of these 5mW lasers, but to be honest I don't think it's a good deal. Why? Well, you can buy a DX 5mW greenie and then you can add your own IR filter, for under $15. Here...
  12. Captain Dan

    Does anyone in the forum fish?

    Does anyone fish? Well I'm a big fisher. I did not get my license this year, but I can tell you I caught huge fish before. I have pics, but they are on my old camera but for some reason it's being an a**hole. So next time I go fishing, I promise I'll post pics because I got a new camera. If you...
  13. Captain Dan

    Review: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

    Do not expect this review to be too good Heat is your enemy. Here is your silver bullet. That is their slogan to this awesome compound. I bought this about a month ago because my computer kept shutting down because the stock silver compound was no good anymore. I bought this from a retail...
  14. Captain Dan

    Unbelievable experience with 150mW laser!

    Last night at about 0300 oclock, I was aiming my 150mW green laser up in the sky to see if it can hit low clouds, but it failed to hit any clouds. So I got bored and started aiming out in space. As soon as I turned on my laser at this one star in the sky, the star shot west. I was confused the...
  15. Captain Dan

    Windows 8 leaks show Microsoft's eyes on Apple

    THIS WAS RIPPED OFF OF ANOTHER SITE I TAKE NO CREDIT ON WHO WROTE THIS! Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/06/29/cnet.microsoft.windows.8/ Although still early in the process, newly leaked documents about Windows 8 offer some keen insight into where Microsoft wants to head with the...
  16. Captain Dan

    Radio station coming through my speakers.

    Ok listen to this I get a christian radio station through my speakers, it is loud and annoying. I tried moving the speakers, the subwoofer, I even plugged my speakers in another outlet. Can someone help me, it's driving me off the walls I may be a good christian, but I don't want to hear about...
  17. Captain Dan

    What operating system do you use?

    I'm concerned for some reason :crackup: Computers are what keep me busy and get me money (It's not a job just a part time job like babysitting but instead of babysitting I fix and make computers) So what operating system and bit is your computer running off. Mine is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
  18. Captain Dan

    500,000,000,000,000W laser

    Never seen this around the forum so I thought I might share it. YouTube - Worlds Most Powerful Laser 1 Trillion MW Laser The video is titled 1 Trillion mW but in the video the guy says 500 trillion W If you can't access the video with the URL go on youtube and search "Worlds Most Powerful...