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  1. yesthisissean

    ***Greetings fans of the LM317~

    **************EDIT************* UPDATE What's up y'all, I think the LM317 is the best voltage regulator because of its availability and user-friendliness. So I am ranking based on convenience, to me. Anyways, I would like to comment on the fact that you can use just one or more than one LM317...
  2. yesthisissean

    Back Home for the Weekend

    I just took a shower and it felt like lasers. Just thought I'd share that with you
  3. yesthisissean

    1.8 Ampere Driver (~9Vin)

    So I want to build a DDL/LM317 style current driver for a M140 laser diode, but the LM317 build only goes up to 1.5 Amperes :( I want to find out how to build a 1.8A current driver that can use 9V....any help I will be thankful for
  4. yesthisissean

    Powerful M140 laser build plan predicament.

    Okay so I have narrowed my DIY project down and I'm only left with a few discrepancies. I want to make a laser with a 445nm M140 diode. As for the driver... I saw that the LM317 Constant Current Driver was good for outputs up to 1.5A. This diode requires an amperage of 1.2A-1.8A, so the LM317...
  5. yesthisissean

    Soooo if I was going to buy this....

    So if I was going to buy this driver, would I need a current limiter as well? The website says "-Driver Kind: Boost "ONLY"" I am confused as to what they mean by the "ONLY" part. It seems like a really good driver and that it could output a very very high powered laser...
  6. yesthisissean

    Browsing the UltraFire Hosts

    I found some of these really cool hosts that I am thinking of buying to make a laser with haha I just thought that I would share these with you dudes. I like the first one and the best as of now
  7. yesthisissean

    A little lesson on heatsinks

    Okay so I've been reading some skepticism on which metals to use and where. I agree that aluminum is best for the host because it is lightweight and strong, but for the heatsink I have some knowledge that I have obtained from majoring in Biochemistry. All elemental metals have what are called...