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  1. Frozenferrari

    Diode Damage from burned glass? PLE 3.5

    Thanks for the replies! Yeah the laser is original from purchase and Ive been careful not to get anything closer than about 4” to the aperture. Those little specks in the photo are tiny specks of dust that fell from the lens cloth during cleaning. The window is pristine other than the remaining...
  2. Frozenferrari

    Diode Damage from burned glass? PLE 3.5

    Over the last two days I perhaps ran my 3.5W PLE Pro a little too hard. We were trying to cut some thicker stuff and engrave, and take some cool pictures. I kept a close eye on duty cycle and the laser never got uncomfortably hot to the touch. But I admit there were a few times where it was ran...
  3. Frozenferrari

    Jetlasers: no updates after order placed successfully

    This happened to me as well. The unit arrived at my doorstep about 11 days after I placed the order, and the status still said "payment accepted" at that point but not 'shipped' . That was my second order from JL. Alike you, they were bad with responses on that one, but not my first one...
  4. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Hazy air empty cube with Red Green and blue lasers stitched together. Shitty attention to gap control because i tossed this one together in about 3 minutes at 2am
  5. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Heres a video inside. Lasers start with the second room. Third one is awesome.
  6. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Here are a few more shots in a new mirror cube I made. I started working with adding light bouncers in and changing the angles of the walls. More crazy shit to come if you guys are still interested. These two featuring a 532nm 100mw. Also tossed in a couple of glowstick only shots just for...
  7. Frozenferrari

    Laser Art Pics (WARNING: LOTS)

    I liked the setups album on your flickr showing how this all gets created. I just got into infinity mirror cubes myself, but its hard to beam in them safely or without fogging mirrors. So im fascinated by your incorporations of mirrors versus glass, and refractors in open and closed...
  8. Frozenferrari

    Laser Art Pics (WARNING: LOTS)

    Hot damn dude thats all so badass!
  9. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Correct exactly. Beams not possible in a small environment, not safe in a large one anyway... Here's one more cool shot of a neat cube lit up by a rave glove, with a single 680nm <5mw coming in to play as well. Also... not laser related but, if you ever wondered what the inside of a reflective...
  10. Frozenferrari

    Lasers inside infinity mirror cube - New better stuff

    Infinity mirror box created from 12x12 tile panes, currently in use for reflective studies. Two light bouncer artifacts. One test with 680nm >5mw. One test with 445nm 3W. With extreme precaution I was able to get one photo of the chaos inside on the blue. Eagles on, camera ready. Eyes closed...
  11. Frozenferrari

    Sanwu Guardian 1W 520nm Review

    Those hosts are soo nice! I wonder how much machining effort is actually required to make them look so seamless. A lathe can flush a surface but you also have to consider the threadwork I think, in order to make the assembly result so flawless at the gap. Hows the runtime?
  12. Frozenferrari


    This review is important to me because everyone here bashes BestLaserPointers for their prices. Which is valid. But in my opinion, $90 is NOT steep for an underspec gatling! 150mw 520 Sanwu Challenger 2- $220 no batteries. 50mw 520 Sanwu Gaurdian No batts - $160 200mw 532nm PLE mini $169...
  13. Frozenferrari

    Any members from Redding?

    Last night at the fireworks show over sundial i saw 3 other lasers coming from 2 other places over the show. Single blue beam and someone with a green and blue pair. I joined in with a green and blue from my location as well. Wondering if those other two locations are members, and curious about...
  14. Frozenferrari

    PLE mini 1W 520nm review 5 stars

    Some of the PLE Mini’s use 18350/650 some use 16340. Just reference whichever specific type is used for the particular laser in question using JL’s website.
  15. Frozenferrari

    Verde Volcano Jr., a 520nm 1500 mW 8 Lenses System Handheld Laser

    Very clean build! Cnc machinework is a drug ;) . Awesome thread too.
  16. Frozenferrari

    Post your random pics!

    That particular rocket flew The King Of Random’s LG cell phone project supersonic a few years ago. He made a youtube video about it. That bird is more for show. My latest video camera payload is gonna be headed for about 250K and close to mach 5 when i can scrape the last funds together. Rockets...
  17. Frozenferrari

    Enchanted Beams Thread

    its a bridge at 1am. It was a narcissistic security gaurd who chased me off.
  18. Frozenferrari

    Post your random pics!

    My favorite rocket picture ive ever taken, of my own rocket. 11 foot tall scratch build flying on a big white 'N' class motor right at dusk many years ago. Favorite aviation shot taken when I was still in training a few years back. Live for those last few seconds! Favorite Nature shot from a...
  19. Frozenferrari

    Enchanted Beams Thread

    First time trying to do a nice setup was in pouring rain and some guy asked me to leave after about 10 minutes. I wasnt trespassing, lasers just make people very uneasy. Hopefully way better shots later. Featuring three 3W 445 Sages, a 3.5W 465 Ple Pro and a 1W 520 Ple mini
  20. Frozenferrari

    Red 200mw 650nm not doing much... am I just being stupid?

    Perhaps we are very spoiled with todays available technology, but that doesnt change my opinion of sub class 4 beams. Theyre visible, sure you can definitely see them, but they dont even come close to the brilliance and amazement offered at 1+W, especially in clean air. Fog makes a huge...