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    are violet lasers fun to play with ?

    I don't want to burn anything, i just want to point. I have a 10-20mW green and a 30mW (advertised) 650nm that are bright enough and fun to play with. i recently got an advertised 50mW 405nm, that i find not enough bright, even on white paper. In general are real 50mW violet lasers fun to play...
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    Li-Ion in keychain ?

    Hello, i just got this 405nm keychain (although it is white and not silver). 50mw Mini Blue Beam Laser Pointer With Keychain Unfortunately it is much dimer with a fresh NiMH (i measured 1.35V) than with an alkaline (1.45V). Can i safely put in a Li-ion 10440 ? EDIT: tried with two NiMH, the...
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    "true power guaranteed"

    Flashlights & Lasers Wholesale China Green Lasers Suppliers - Everbuying.com what do you think, is it really "true power" ?
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    10180 vs AAA

    Li-ION 10180 100mAh 3.7V vs NiMH low self-discharge AAA 800mAh 1.2V which one has the best capacity for current draws 50mA and 250mA? i ask this cause i want to know wich laser kaychain will have the best autonomy.
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    can cold "fry" a cheap red diode ?

    1 month ago i bought a cheap keychain: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/fine-3-red-laser-flashlight-keychain-56438.html it got suddenly very dim. i didn't expose it a high temperature, nor inverse the polarity, nor let it fall... i just let it 1 or 2 days at 10°C 50°F and when i tried to reuse...
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    rotation speed of radiometer and wavelength

    hi, how does a radiometer reacts to the different wavelengths ? will the rotation speed for a given output power be the same for different wavelengths ? and for a given wavelenth, can you evaluate the output power thank to the rotation speed ?
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    laserlands hacked

    1 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Pen "Warning: Installation directory exists at: /home1/laserlan/public_html/ldcom/zc_install. Please remove this directory for security reasons. Warning Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file...
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    power consumption for a given brightness

    let's consider a DPSS 532nm pointer and a 650nm diode pointer. to achieve the same dot brightness (not output power!), which pointer will consume the less battery power ? (or current if you prefer)
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    kaleidoscopic pens from rayfoss

    i'm very disappointed cause i bought a 100mW star pen at FP but it seems to be no more than 20mW are the rayfoss ones at right specs ? or is there a risk i'll get a 20mW for the price of the 100mW (55$) ? www.rayfoss.com
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    range of my laser

    by night i can see the dot of my 532nm on trees that are 1000m (3300ft) away. at which power do you rate it ? near 10mW like advertised or more ?
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    3$ red laser and flashlight keychain

    AFTER ONE MONTH THE LASER HAS GONE DIM (even with with fresh alkaline. the white LEDs are still working) Focalprice.com offers 2 in 1 Red Laser Pointer+2 LED with Buckle (Pink) ,discount 2 in 1 Red Laser Pointer+2 LED with Buckle (Pink),2 in 1 Red Laser Pointer+2 LED with Buckle (Pink)...
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    100 mW kaleidoscopic pen: rayfoss or FP ?

    i want a 100 mW kaleidoscopic pen (open-back). should i buy it for 55$ at rayfoss or for 20$ at FocalPrice ? they look the same, but are they really the same ? (if i get only a 70mW for 20$ it's fine)
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    can you burn mosquitos in flight ?

    that would finally be an useful use of burning lasers :) edit: this is a joke. DON'T TRY THIS ! you will blind your family and neighbors ! i advice you to dismantle your 445m. it is too dangerous, this is like having a handgun ready to shoot
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    beam visibility with expander ?

    with a beam expander can you see the beam pointing to the stars ? does the line look longer ?
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    0.2 mRad 30mW laser sight

    BEAMSHOT Laser Sight GreenBeam 2000 - Quarton USA, Inc. what do you think about this ?
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    advice for kaleidoscopic/star pen

    wich power do you recommend and wich model (back or middle-open) ? 2in1 Pointer w/ a Cap : Laserlands
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    usefulness of beam expanders

    they are not as useful as resellers claim: the minimum angle at which a good naked eye can separate 2 points is 1' = 0.3 mRad. so there is no need to reduce the beam divergence below 0.3mrad since whatever the real size the dot will be, it will be seen as a thin point if you stand near your...
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    which kaleidoscopic/star pen do you recommend?

    what power do you recommend ? does it make good pointer without the cap ?
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    best technique for long range ?

    to see the dot the more far away (sorry don't remember the correct syntax, please remind me :)) , is it better to have more power or less divergence (with a beam expander for example) ?
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    variable power pointer?

    is there a pointer that can output 5mW for indoor pointing and for example 50mW for outdoor ?