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  1. villalaser

    Liquid Stabilized 445

    Yup thats right, liquid stabilized! Well its all in a Cree Aurora host, A104 doide in a direct press aluminum heat sink. I used a micro flexdrive set to I think 1.1A(was going for max). I might need to make a new test load, the one I have now has ben used for 445 curents and smells when I use...
  2. villalaser

    26$ Coherent Diode Bar

    May or may not be a deal.. COHERENT LASER DIODE POWER BAR (See Photos) - eBay (item 390247168193 end time Oct-08-10 11:18:10 PDT) No wavelength or power listed, or a good pic of the die. but it is listed as being made buy coherent. I think this seller has sold used diode bars in the past and...
  3. villalaser

    Dead non protected battery? dont toss it, jump start it!

    Hey all I have a 3.2v non protected battery that was discharged way to far and sat for a long time. It is now only at .51v :eek: and my charger whont charge it or evin seem to recognise that the battery is there. I did a quick seached around and could not find a fix, so I thought I would share...
  4. villalaser

    SF-AW210 hot potato?

    Well I had my GGW LED on me from clicking the tail swich on/off real fast. lol So I bought a SF-AW210 sled, and made a new heatsink. In it is e-Bay 405-G 10mm module, and a rkcstr Micro-Drive V3 set @ 206ma (with a test load). Just needs the spring pcb, and the driver heatsink to be trimed in...
  5. villalaser

    The Bloom Box

    New fuel cell technology! The Bloom box - 60 Minutes - CBS News Sound's very cool, garbage dumps are going to become the new power plant's!:wave: