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  1. marihuano

    FS: 445nm 1.3 Watt in creed hosting

    I got it a long time ago but barely used a few times for short periods. I bought it from a forum member. Comes with charger, batteries and protective goggles. Video was taken today $90 $80 plus shipping
  2. marihuano

    For sale O-Like 100mw waterproof focusable green laser

    I just recently got this laser but no longer needed :wave: Im asking for $45, shipping included within the US. Included: Laser, Li-on battery 18650 and charger
  3. marihuano

    WTB: <100mw Green laser

    Hello. Im looking to buy a green laser 100mw or greater. Would be even better if its focusable and water resistant, thank you PD: budget no more than $100
  4. marihuano

    WTB 2W IR Laser

    does any one can build one or has one in stock? I also wonder if these lasers work like visible wavelengths I mean. Are they focusable and able to burn from a few feet? thanks
  5. marihuano

    is this laser good? stick 532 lazerer

    Hi. Im looking forward to buying a green laser, this one. LZSK - 532nm 400mW High Power Green Laser Pointer Separate Crystal I know it wont do 400mw but maybe some stable 300mw? I need your opinion, thanks
  6. marihuano

    445nm 3Watt laser

    Hi, haha this guy claiming this is a 3W laser :wave: Does anyone know where that laser is from and how much it outputs? Id say somewhere around 1w? thanks Apuntador Laser Azul Ultra Potente, 3W (3000 Mw ) , Recargable - YouTube
  7. marihuano

    How to buy a laser power meter?

    Hi, Ive been browsing the forum since a while ago and reading mostly about lasers. Ive got a couple of lasers a 1W 445nm from yobresal and a 200mw green one. Now Id like to get a LPM but I dont really now what to look for when buying one. Ive read the laserbee is a really good one but what do i...
  8. marihuano

    445nm Safety glasses

    Hi. Ive been wondering this a few days ago. Ive noticed most of the safety glasses for 445nm are the same than for 532nm (red) Ive only seen a few ones for 445 that are actually yellow. Whats the differences between them? Im guessing the red ones cover a wider range of wavelengths than the...
  9. marihuano

    Wanted: 500mw blu ray laser

    Hi, I've been looking for a 500mw blu ray laser in this section, but I couldnt find any. I know I can buy a jayrobs kit and assemble by myself but I dont have the necessary skills or tools, I found out that IgorT assemble any kit, I contacted him already one week ago with no response. So if any...