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    Want to make a laser

    I have previously built a burning blue laser, completely DIY with a flashlight host. This was maybe 5+ years ago and i lost interest. Well now i want to get back into it. Just want to see if there is a place to buy all the hardware needed to make the most powerful blue laser i can. Thanks alot.
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    not a dumb question

    so i ordered a 445nm module kit for aixiz and it came with 2 lenses. One appears to be plastic and short and the other is metal and about twice as long...my question is what is the difference (other than the obvious) of them? :anyone:
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    Noob building a laser

    Hi everyone I am new to LPF. Ive always been interested in electronics and somehow surfing the net came across custom laser builds, so Ive decided to give it a try. Ive been researching this topic for several weeks and this forum looks like just the place to be if you need help. A lot of...
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    First Build question about my driver wiring

    hi all i am a new member and new to building lasers. I have researched it though. I currently have a M140 diode and a "foulmist" 1.7A FMT V2 buck/boost driver. Just trying to figure out where to solder the input positive as the diagram points to a place and the driver has what looks like the...