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  1. bootleg2go

    The beginning of the end for USA hobbyists

    Incidents of lasers being pointed at aircraft in the USA has almost doubled in the past year to nearly 3000. I would say that this marks the beginning of the end for USA laser hobbyists and tighter customs inspections and enforcement are just around the corner. FAA: Laser incidents soar...
  2. bootleg2go

    Server problems on the LPF

    It's being slow as crap Avery. It behaves as if there is sever packet loss. Once in awhile a page will load normally, but right now it and for the past couple horus or so it take multiple trys to get a page to laod and sometimes never does. I know Dave said it was a local problem, but it's a...
  3. bootleg2go

    Optotronics sale for LPF members

    All the details are below in the discount & deals section. http://laserpointerforums.com/f46/new-optotronics-10-off-coupon-55841.html
  4. bootleg2go

    New Optotronics 10% off coupon

    Use coupon code LPF10 and get 10% off on any of our portable laser products. Optotronics Portable Lasers Sale is limited to these products that are currently in stock, and right now everything is in stock. This coupon is in addition to any discounts given for quantity purchases for the pen...
  5. bootleg2go

    Optotronics premium +75mw now on sale

    We are overstocked on the +75mw premium lasers, so they are going on sale. Use coupon code LPF15 This will apply an additional 15% discount on top any other discounts such as the 3% discount for customers who are logged into their Optotronics account. It is also in addition to any quantity...
  6. bootleg2go

    Misconceptions about diode "lifetime" ratings

    It seems that there are some misconceptions/ misunderstandings about laser diode lifetime ie. MTTF/MTBF ratings. I saw a post in another thread earlier today where people were discussing this, but it wasn't the thread topic and I cannot find the thread now. Anyway, someone had thought that...
  7. bootleg2go

    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Here's the link to the Viasho GB This has been in the planning for a long time and just this week it all fell together. Viasho Group buy Lasers I'm certain these are the lowest prices to be found. Right now, only green are listed, but blue will included before the weekend is out. Their is an...
  8. bootleg2go

    Questions to ask before ordering a laser.

    Spending a little time asking some critical questions can save you a lot of disappointment. (hopefully this post can be made into a sticky so that it's read before making a bad purchase rather than afterwords) Before placing an order, do a forum search on the product and company. If you don't...
  9. bootleg2go

    Optotronics Black Friday Sale

    Optotronics is having their 1st Black Friday sale. There's going to be some fantastic deals for those who are up and online early Friday morning. We'll be putting up the webpage listing the details and coupon codes late tonight or early tomorrow morning and the coupon codes will go live at...
  10. bootleg2go

    Pictures of the New Optotronics RPL

    A few pictures of the NEW RPL.
  11. bootleg2go

    NEW: Optotronics Barebones-Laser (the DX-buster)

    Advance notice: If you are a laser perfectionist and looking for a high-performance laser with the exceptional beam specs or the option of upgrading to an RPL laser in the future; then this Barebones laser is not for you. Output stability, duty cycle, divergence and beam shape will not be at the...
  12. bootleg2go

    Re: FS: New RPL Green 450mW w/ extras!

    Re: FS: New RPL Green 450mW w/ extras! Hi Aseras, you are correct, the 1st to use the name in commerce does have "common law" rights so to speak. I spent this morning at my attorney's office and Optotronics filed the online trademark application "RPL" for non-medical laser use. It only costs...
  13. bootleg2go

    The stuff Spy vs. Spy is made of.

    I'm posting part of a message that was from another post I just made. Since it's buried in another thread and may of interest to many members, I'm including part of it here. Moderators, if I'm out of line for doing this; let me know and I am sorry in advance. Maybe he'll (referring to Nero...
  14. bootleg2go

    Re: FS soon: Celestron 9 1/4 telescope

    Re: FS soon: Celestron 9 1/4 telescope Does your scope have the starbright coatings? Jack
  15. bootleg2go

    Let's look at the techlaser vs. Optotronics value

    Before making a price comparison, I need to say a Skybolt is not an RPL, it's a counterfeit RPL at best and you can bet, not a very good one. On the following page, Optotronics is information as how to tell if your RPL is the real deal. Techlaser thinks an RPL nothing more than a counterfeit...
  16. bootleg2go

    The RPL-Blue 30mW video

    I promised Medussa I would get this one done today, so here it is. I'm not shaking there in the beginning, it must be the focusing or something. Well, maybe it was me just a little, I didn't have my usual coffee this morning :) Jack
  17. bootleg2go

    RPL in action (way above average RPL-325)

    I made this new video today that shows the output power of a premium (to say the least) RPL. I'll be adding more of these to the Optotronics gallery in the following days. The next one of this series will show an RPL doing the "burn a hole through the film can trick". Jack See my comments in...
  18. bootleg2go

    Optotronics Discount for LPF members.updated 12/9

    Optotronics is now offering active LPF members (w/10 or more posts) a 7.5% discount off the purchase price of any RPL model laser and includes all optics. optics kit, services or accessories purchased in the same order. This discount currently does not apply to the PPL model, optics kit or...
  19. bootleg2go

    Question for Justin @ LaserGlow

    Hi Jason, Good post you made on deception marketing. I suppose since you found the digglasers site, you also checked out techlasers webpage as well. Techlasers posts in their "about us" page that techlasers is the "OFFICIAL" of CNI optoelectronics technology, but when I visit the CNI website...
  20. bootleg2go

    Optics kit component wish list (what do you want?)

    Our optics kit continues to evolve and I would like to get more input on the components you want in them and or the types of kit you would be interested in. If you have one of our optics kits, please post feedback as to what components you found useful as well as any that you have no use for...