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  1. blu-ray laser

    simple way to turn a beam circular?

    so the other day I was messing around with my 445, and I turned the AiXiZ lens around, (as in backwards) and the beam was circular, mostly. I don't know if this has been mentioned before with any multimodes, but it seems as a simple as a solution could get for this problem yeah, I know, pics or...
  2. blu-ray laser

    Detroit area laserists...

    Well, I am headed to Detroit on Saturday and will be staying until august the third. Is there anyone who is in the Detroit area that wants to have a laser get together? Of course I'm just asking, comment if you are in the area and pm me if you do want to have a laser meet-n-greet. Oh, yeah, and...
  3. blu-ray laser

    RgV awesome project

    O.K. guys, I need some definite help along the way with this, so, I've created this thread. I'm planning to build a RGV laser, and need to know a few things, and just let you guys know how this awesome build is coming. Plus, this could be a guide for other users who want to do the same, without...
  4. blu-ray laser

    what builds do you do most?

    name says it all. what builds do you do most?
  5. blu-ray laser

    O-like to U.S.?

    ok, so I've searched around the forum, and I can't seem to find the answer, so heres the question: does O-like ship to the U.S.?
  6. blu-ray laser

    Christmas FAIL!!!

    This morning, i woke up to find an optotronics 130mw laser under the tree. I was thrilled to immediately install batteries and try it out, and it was so cool! well, after a few minutes of playing with it, lighting a match or two, and just looking at it in awe, I set the thing down to see what...