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  1. Laserburns

    Laser effects through crystal and water (video+photo)

    Laser filtered through irregular pentaprism, with a regular rotation, makes stunning fractal optical effects. VIDEO1: YouTube - Red laser pointer beam through crystal effects VIDEO2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abvKA56SDTo Laser through optical fluids, makes stunning plasma animation...
  2. Laserburns

    2 Video - 1W spartan dumped - 400mw Green dumped

    Spartan 1W long cycle dumped - Intense close-up cycle with 400mw green + match lit If you need further information about my laser dump, i still have a couple of them for sale: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/laser-dump-sale-60609.html
  3. Laserburns

    Affordable Yellow somewhere?

    That's in the thread.. Some place where to buy a Yellow at a reasonable price?
  4. Laserburns

    Laser dump for sale

    LASER BEAM DUMP / BLOCK FOR SALE Point your powerful laser to a safe spot! Enjoy the view of the beam without diffuse reflex and worries! MODEL 1 cheap dumper *SOLDOUT* specs: cast iron tube, black soldered to black stone shield, matte barbecue paint finished, 5 inches. duty cycle max...
  5. Laserburns

    Several LENS and FILTERS effects (CMOS PHOTOS)

  6. Laserburns

    The spartan scream!

    - - - - Used a low fog, collapsed into an alluminium+black stone, laser dump.
  7. Laserburns

    Laser dump / blockers

    LASER BEAM DUMP / BLOCK Here three kind of laser dump i realized, that show to be very efficient: MODEL 1 cheap dumper specs: cast iron tube, black soldered to black stone shield, matte barbecue paint finished, 5 inches. (beam will not touch the bbq paint, the beam reach the stone shield...
  8. Laserburns

    Captain america vs. The lasers

    So i just finished building the Captain America Laser Dump, and had idea to make this funny comic on it: CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. THE LASERS by Laserburns - - - - - - - - - CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL COMIC
  9. Laserburns

    Coolest beam dump / blocker of the world

    Concept design for the best looking beam dump of the world: Specification: The shield has a ring of painted copper circle in the backside, in the center a stock of 400 blades aligned at 180 degrees, the end of the blades is soldered with thermal epoxy to the copper circle, while anodized...
  10. Laserburns

    Maybe is paranoia..but..what's about satellites?

    Of course i am not telling that anyone is going to "hit" a satellite with a laser beam, also because they are located ad an average height of 15k miles. But...let's imagine that you, a few nights of the week, glare your 200mw greeny above the stars.. so, it goes up for 10/20 miles... and we all...
  11. Laserburns

    Best surface for laser beam absorption?

    I was testing several surfaces that absorbe the most of light and energy from high powered lasers, reducing light reflection without getting any damage. I got better results with black stone and cast iron, but they have a general diffuse light reflection, indeed.. not very dangerous for eyes...
  12. Laserburns

    CHECK STATUS OF YOUR VISION: Quick retina test.

    After the small "accident": http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/ouch-hurts-so-much-60087.html happened a few days ago, went to a doctor for a vision checkup, that, thanks god and beside all stupid tricks i did with lasers past months, my vision is quite ok, the doctor tested my eyes with a...
  13. Laserburns

    Need a few info about IR leakage and self install filters

    Thanks in anticipation to who reads this post, i would like to info about IR leakage management and have a few question for xperts: 1) Does blue laser around 445/447 have Infrared leakage? 2) Let's say, that i'm going to install IR Filters outside the held of a 532 green, the reflected IR do...
  14. Laserburns

    Ouch! Hurts so much!

    Got a shot back in the eye reflected from a brown paint some sort of mirrored area, from my 50mw greeny pen... i dont have black spots (i think!) in the view.. but my right eye is just hurting so much since this afternoon... it is 5 hours now, and still is hurting inside... Should i see a...
  15. Laserburns

    ** catched by police yesterday night **

    Bye bye supergreen! :yabbmad: My 400mw O-Like was took yesterday night by police. :scowl: I was sitting on the sand, on the seaside with a friend, i was playing with my new green, pointing to clouds and stars.. ..a car of Police stopped in the corner and two men came to us: cp/.Hello sir, we...
  16. Laserburns

    What kind of glue?

    What kind of glue is that white material, that is often used to keep the laser diode sit into a handle, and even to keep lenses aligned on the hole where the laser beam is released? Sure is something that can stand high temperature.. is a sort of epoxy?
  17. Laserburns

    How to charge the 18650?

    Is possible to charge the 18650 Li-Ion, with a standard charger for 1.5V NiMh? What are the risk? thanks.
  18. Laserburns

    That 1W blues around... not too much myth over them?

    We was three of us, in the room... all wearing goggles, just like three scared mad scientist, a Spartan 1W was turned on, and we was passing black sellotape on it, wondering how great a fast cutting was... Suddendly my sister opened the door, came in the room.. she saw the blue beam from a...
  19. Laserburns

    O-LIKE: Huge delay on that supergreens..

    I've ordered (and paid) one of that new 400mw greens sold for $197, but still in processing... Susie told thursday shipping, but friday already come and nothing new... still "on processing". In the beginning thay had 3 units in stock, as shown in the website, then, the item removed from...
  20. Laserburns

    Low powered Laser, why a GREAT success in BIRD control?

    You can't see the beam? They probably do! You ever tried point a low powered laser pointer (even 1mw) near a pigeon or other birds? (i really hope you didnt and never do, directly, with high powered lasers, to this poor animals) Well, this just scare the s**t out of them, and they take flight...