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    No, just no... Kipkay Spyder 3 Arctic giveaway

    Well kipkay seems to have done it again. Check out this video: K6vvKZXiSac Tell me what do you think?
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    If you haven't received your order from WickedLasers (other than Arctic) post here!

    Thought this kind of thread would be good for all of us to keep in contact and get as much updated as possible about the Wickeds status. I have ordered 2x the green E2 Series laser on 13.10.2010 (DD.MM.YYYY) and still haven't got a shipping notice. The promised shipping date has now changed 4...
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    Best decent quality 18650 + charger for SDLaser 301?

    My friend is probably going to buy the SDLaser 301 from dealxtreme so what batteries + charger would work best? I did some quick research and ended up on these: DealExtreme: $12.30 UltraFire 3.6/3.7V Battery Charger DealExtreme: $9.68 TrustFire Protected 18650 3.7V True 2400mAh Rechargeable...
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    Have you seen the new WickedLasers site? 49$ for a 100mW green??!!

    Just went to WickedLasers.com and noticed they have changed a couple of things on their site. Not just the look but now they seem to be selling every laser model on just one output power, but whats really strange is that they're selling all colors for the same price! For example the 50 - 100mW...
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    vBulletin url trick

    Have you lost an old thread and only remember the thread ID? Use this url to view any thread using only the threads ID: http://laserpointerforums.com/(board code)/--(thread ID).html for example: http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/--55750.html
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    New 1W 445nm focusable from rayfoss (waterproof + focusable also available)

    Just found this: www.rayfoss.com they also have a 300mw green with the same host (click here for the green)
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    DragonLasers Spartan 1W 447nm Blue Laser review! (!!! VERY IMAGE HEAVY !!!)

    UPDATED! 06.10.2010 (DD.MM.YYYY) Added some text about batteries and safety goggles and also added new pictures and 2 videos! If you have any suggestions how I could make this review better/what should I add post a reply. -------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, I just...
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    Finnish laser laws

    Couldn't find this anywhere on this forum so though I'd post it :) In finland it is illegal to own or sell a battery operated (a.k.a handheld) laser over 1mW without the laser first going through a check (to pass the check the laser must have finnish AND swedish instructions + meet some other...
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    DragonLasers Spartan 1W finally shipped :)

    MY SPARTAN HAS ARRIVED! Click here to view my review. ---------------- After 21 days (3 weeks) of waiting my Spartan 1W was finally shipped :D Will post a review when I get it (hopefully it wont get stuck in the customs like my Optotronics 150mW :() Shipping status: I will update this...
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    Novalasers clearout, upto -70% off

    Did you guys notice the huge price drops on novalasers? NOVAlasers Store - Novalasers Inc. for example the X150 is only 159$ and the X15 29$ :drool: PS. Sorry if this is a repost or otherwise useless info.
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    First youtube video about the Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan?

    WNLP1PHJXu8 The video seems to be blocked in some countries (like Finland where I live) so I downloaded it and uploaded to mediafire for anyone whose having troubles viewing the video. Heres the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?eo4czopl9kq9qo3 PS. It was a real pain in the a$$...
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    WTF? Focalprice selling blue 532nm's? xD

    wtf is this: Focalprice.com offers 5-20mW 532nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer (Black) ,discount 5-20mW 532nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer (Black),5-20mW 532nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer (Black) products,low price 5-20mW 532nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer (Black),cheap 5-20mW 532nm they seem to sell other 532nm...
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    Just ordered a Optotronics 150mW green :D

    Hi everyone :) I just ordered a Optotronics 150mW green laser and 2x Green laser safety glasses from dragonlasers. Will probably make a review here when I get it :D This is my second green laser :) My first was a WickedLasers Core 5mW Costs ------- Laser with express shipping to Finland +...
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    Random youtube crap :d

    Post your random youtube vids here :D fwdV2vWNvZw hW2xxY9AGCg xlq8FuiDQmc -5Ilq3kFxek Will post more later, but now im going to sleep :tired: PS. Hope to see lots of SpAMMMMM here tomorrow :DD :gun::horse::bumpit:
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    Shorter URL for Laser pointer Forums!

    Hi, I desided to make a shorter URL for LPF so I can access the website faster, but realized that I could share the URL with others too :) So here it is: http://lpf.dy.fi/ PS. Admin, if you want me to delete this just PM me.
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    Best 300mw laser?

    HOW TO REMOVE THAT POLL?? ADDED IT TO THE WRONG THREAD! POLL SHOULD BE ON THIS THREAD: http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/how-not-handle-175mw-green-laser-pointer-42848.html If someone knows a moderator pls ask to delete/move the poll. ---------------------- Hi, Im thinking of buying a 300mw...
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    How NOT to handle a 175mw green laser pointer.

    Found this video on youtube: (VIDEO REMOVED) YouTube - Lightsaber Laser Battle