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    574nm DPSS 20mW

    I found a RGBY DJ light show and it has a 20mW 574nm DPSS laser module inside of it for $250. I figured someone on here would want one to tear it down. I contacted them and they did confirm it was DPSS. https:// www. chauvetdj.com/products/scorpion-storm-rgby/ I also recently contacted OPTLasers...
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    532nm modules

    Anyone know where I can get some decent 532nm modules? I'm looking for 100mw and above, most of the ones I've bought always seem to be underspec. I know Techhood used to be the best to get some okayish ones but its been a while since I bought them from him. Thanks!
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    Hello from Cali, soon to be Oregon

    I've been browsing for quite a while now (about a 1.5years). I got a couple of lasers in altoid cans and a Survival Laser host (Sharp 488nm, either a Sharp GH0631IA2GC or Oclaro HL63603TG can't remember which one I bought pretty sure its the Sharp, Osram PLT5, and lastly a 532nm from Techhood on...