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    sOMEthing isn't adding up with Sanwu

    So far be it for me to question the health options for purchasing something directly from China, but how come SanwuLasers's 100mW violet (405nm) laser is only $15, pretty cool right? but then you go to the other one and it's $40 for 150mW 405nm laser. So...why is 50mW suddenly $25 extra? It's...
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    Is Sanwulasers a scam?

    They don't accept paypal which means the guy is viewing my credit info. You all know what happens then.
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    What happens if they confiscate your laser?

    So I just signed up to ask this question if anyone has the slightest ideas as to what actually happens? I can't find any accurate information, the crap google spews out is for like very high offense things such as "man points laser at helicopter, is confiscated and searched" blablabla. That sort...