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    Compatible Module for standard ebay pen style host.

    I just wanna ask if this module will fit with any standard ebay pen style laser pointers because i saw a tutorial that you should buy a New Wish or DX pen style host in order for the module to fit. Also, i saw in the video that the module can be screwed on the pen's cap. 100mW industrial green...
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    Western Union method?

    I am currently deciding what type of payment is safe and i dont have a paypal so i guess western union is my type of payment. And the only thing i am worried is is it safe for me to pay via western union. I am sending the money to rayfoss? Anybody here use that method?
  3. J

    Compatible Modules for Rayfoss Host

    Recently, i received my green laser pointer and i am not quite satisfied with the host. I searched the rayfoss website and i found this: www.rayfoss.com . I am a little bit impressed but i wonder what module will fit inside this host? Do o-likes green laser module will fit inside 'cause there's...
  4. J

    How laser working current do?

    Im a little bit confused about that, i dont know how does it works with the laser and how it affects the battery.
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    Green Laser Pointer From Rayfoss

    Hi, i decided to buy a laser pointer from rayfoss and i think this will satisfy my needs www.rayfoss.com. Should i buy this $22 50mW? Is the price worth it? Im confused because that might be underspec... Any suggestions?
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    Why is my laser had become dimmer?

    I have a cheap china laser for almost 3 months, and this yesterday, i turned it on for a couple of seconds and the light suddenly dimmed, it doesnt make any beams anymore. I tried to recharge the battery and still, no luck. The question is.. what is the main reason for this? thanks... more power!!
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    Best Laser Pointer and Replaceable Components

    Hi! I am currently decided to buy my 3rd laser pointer. The 2 first lasers were ruined and i want to find a decent one from rayfoss. I am thinking of a laser pointer which the parts (especially the module and the lens) are replaceable. Now these are my questions: 1. do some modules lens...
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    Any Filipinos here that successfully ordered a laser?

    Hi, i am planning to buy a 30 mW or maybe 50 mW green laser pointer from lazerer.com and im thinking if the customs will confiscate those? i've searching for an hour and i cant find any answers right now..
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    Replacement Lens

    recently, i've ruined my laser lens because something had losen inside, and it was the epoxy of the lens, and i accidentally scratched it and i want to know where can i buy a replacement for typical 5mW green laser pointer pen, the lens diameter is almost 6mm? It really looked like this...
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    QUESTION: Is there any 3.7v rechargeable Li battery that is the same size of AAA

    I have a green laser pointer pen but every time I use it, it always run out of power and i decided to buy a new rechargeable battery, which will improve the laser efficiency. if i have a 3.7 v battery the size of AAA, and another completely discharged battery, it might improve the laser power...
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    Replacing Laser Lens

    ok, i came from another thread but cant find any RIGHT answers there, i have a damaged lens but i cant replace it cause i can access the lens, it has some epoxy on it.. how can i safely extract the lens and replace it, its like focusable.. thanks for those who can help, and if you cant...
  12. J

    Help me choosing a green laser which i can access the lens..

    previously, i bought a laser, and the lens had damaged, now, im gonna buy a new one from lazerer.com 'cause they said the site is great, but which laser should i buy that had a lens which can be replaced easily..?? thanks..
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    Help: Choosing a green laser

    I know that the title itself has many meanings.. but i will not gonna ask the actual RIGHT laser question thingy.. i just want your suggestions on choosing a green laser from lazerer.com that have compatible modules and lenses that i can buy. i do have a green laser previously and the lens had...