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    DC/DC boost converter really simple schematic

    I found this cool schematic online, but I can't tell what the polarity of the capacitors are! Can someone tell me the polarity of the capacitors on the right side of the transformer? PLEASE! :) I got this working at 60 volts. And its only 10mA because I skipped the whole right side of the...
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    Blu-ray. Brighter than Red laser at equal power??

    I just got my aixiz module today and installed it into my soon-to-be blu-ray ponter. Right now I'm playing with cheap 5mw red laser. Is a blu-ray as bright as a red of equal power?
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    Ordered a different aixiz module. Wrong one? help!

    I mistakenly ordered a different one. I'm not sure if it will still work on a blu-ray though: 650nm 5mw 12X30mm brass case $4.50 USD will this work for blu ray? This is the one I got last time: 650nm 10mw 12mm X 30mm case $12.00 USD I used this one for a senkat diode
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    can you regulate mA without the LM317's 5v> rule?

    I love the LM317 for my lasers, but its kinda difficult to cope with the 5 volts and up rule so it works. Is there any current regulating driver you can make to use 3 volts? Cause the aixiz modules and lots of pen lasers only use 3 volts and they still regulate the output. Anyone know how...
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    Can I recharge protected CR123a's with an adapter?

    Hi, I got a few rechargeable lithium CR123a batteries.  They are the protected kind. I was wondering if I can just find some adapter in the 3.6 volt range and charge them that way??  I had this idea cause it says protects from over-charge, over-heat...and such. Can I do it?  if so, what ma or...
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    3D laser diode drawn in MS paint X4speed video

    check out this sweet video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoN7iT4oOeM EDIT: I just noticed that the can is a little tall. It looks fine on my widescreen. But my projector is at regular mode and it looks a little funny.
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    RC car steering coil for homemade scanner

    I just recently ripped apart an old RC car and was planning to use the steering coil to make a scanner. The first one was a small car and was different that I expected. I expected a coil and magnet. Instead, it was just a 3 volt motor with gears. I was disappointed. :( The next car was a...
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    RS butane gas powered soldering iron.  Have o

    I just got a new butane gas powered soldering iron last week. I got it from radio shack and it was about $20. I like it because it has no wires to worry about. The main problem I have when soldering with my other irons is the wires. I have a corded soldering iron and de-soldering iron. The...
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    This may be why EBAY stopped sales of 5mw> lasers

    Hi guys, I thought I would make this little story explaining why I think ebay is ending the selling of high powered lasers. Its all explained in my little story. EBAY CUSTOMER age: 20 BOB age: 21 THE FOLLOWING IS LASER STUPIDITY AT ITS BEST EB customer: I've always wanted a green...
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    Um, is it bad that my AAAs are charging to 1.7volt

    After pulling off these batteries from the charger, they read 1.7 volts each. I'm not sure if thats a big problem or not. They seem to hold that charge at the same rate as normal use. Its only this one kind of AAA that does this in this charger. The others are fine. any ideas?
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    Current draw test ~ DX True 5mw RESULTS

    Just tested how much the 5mw eats when using it. 260 ma Anyone else test a higher power DX? What was the result?
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    What is making my DX change output rapidly?

    I know that the cold makes it change output, but why does it flash output from low to high rapidly? It is noticable when looking at the opening of the aperture from the side. Basically what I'm asking is what is causing the rapid unstable output changes? is it the diode?
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    Someone picked up my 100mw red and looked into it!

    One of my friends is a littlle weird. I told him to be careful with the red laser but he intentionally looked straight into it. :o He doesn't listen very well. He said he can see fine, but I'm sure there is unseen damage. It wasn't fully collimated, but still.
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    Here is a simple way to spot IR leakage.

    Hi, I thought my thread would be nice to have in the greens section too. so here it is. http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1197926836 There is a video at that link.
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    Here is how to spot IR leakage from green lasers

    A nice simple way to find IR leakage is to block out everything else right? Watch my video.
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    Making your green laser COLD PROOF and run @ 100%

    Hi guys.  I thought of this when playing with my DX 5mw outside.  Its about 30 degrees F outside and my laser just won't shine bright :'( Found some foam and drilled it out and stuck my laser pen inside it.  IT WORKS! Watch the video for a look: UPDATE: tomorrow I will make a new model that...
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    Can a DX laser lens be adjusted / turned?

    If it can, how? Mine is collimated, but its not the best. I want to turn it.
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    I got my DX 5mw green to cut a bag!!(no pot mod!!)

    I just reveived my DX 5mw green today and it is so cool! I already have a burner red so I'm not worried about a green burning. But I wanted to see what would happen when I put my Aixiz lens from me red in front of my 5mw green. When focused at a tiny spot on the bag, IT ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH...
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    Need help understanding the LM317

    Hi guys. I need help understanding the LM317.  I need to know which is Vin~Vout~Adj. I've been trying to make Daedal's circuit the way it is shown.  I've made it THREE TIMES!!, and it still won't reduce any voltage whatsoever!!  I'm completely confused.   When I turn the 100ohm pot to max...
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    What do you want out of a homemade laser?

    there are many things that lasers can do. What you want out of a laser? for me, I like the nightime effects of seeing the beam at night.