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  1. denton808

    300mw-350mw laser for sale

    CLOSED!! EDITED SECTION (edited again): ok hakzaw was nice and metered my laser :D "over 400 mW peak with a fresh charged (4.18v) average around 370." ok so turns out he charged the batteries and the laser is up to 475mw peak for a few seconds and stabalizes over 400mw :O lowered price is...
  2. denton808

    green laser

    i don't know where to post this question since i'm not really planning to sell it just yet. so last year i bought a 300-350mw after IR filtered green laser from laseropinterpen.net. that was before rayfoss them came out with theirs. the site claims to be oversoeced always but i'm not 100%...
  3. denton808


    Closed. you can delete the thread if you want XD
  4. denton808

    laser shipping and electric tape

    i didn't find any threads on this topic, i don't know where else to post it. i was wondering if it was legal to ship a laser with the spring taped with electric tape, you know so it doesn't complete the circuit. of course this would only be true for those that you can twist apart. scenario...
  5. denton808

    parallel drivers

    if i wanted 1400ma couldn't i just run 2 700ma micro flex in parallel? could i run a rock star@400ma and a microflex at 1000ma. of course i would use separate battery since the rockstar requires more voltage. would these things work or would the current regulator in them recognize the...
  6. denton808

    flickering 445nm

    i typed in 445nm flicker/flickering in search box and came up with nothing. am i to assume others haven't had this issue? well im running my 445 a130 at 850 ma in jay robs normal aluminum host. (waiting on an order for his extended copper one). well i do have long duty cycles, but only...
  7. denton808

    laser safety glasses

    ok first off i'm kind of paranoid about protection XD ok so i got CE certified OD+4 200-540nm glasses. when i shine my 445 laser and hit the glasses none of the passes through at all. well none that my eyes can pick up. the thing that worries me, is if this thing supposedly blocks out all...
  8. denton808


    i didn't know where to post this. i hit search for that ID and nothing came up. anyone have any experience with this laser diode? this diode is being sold on rayfoss's site. it's only 65 bucks and it's a good replacement so you don't have to buy an actual blu ray burner. i was kinda...
  9. denton808

    WTB: caps that fit cree c6 original cap/similar

    i'm paranoid when it comes to these kind of things and want a working tail cap :P i'd hate to have a laser that doesn't lase only cuz the cap is broke. i don't want to pay 10 bucks for a whole host from deal extreme. any type of pricing that's reasonable is welcome (let me know the shipping...
  10. denton808

    laserpointerpen.net review of pioneer 300-360mw green

    ok so i found the post thread button... hahahaha all these months and only found that button now. i'm just not use to this forum set up... took awhile to find the b/s/t navigation as well. anyways... ok so i've heard some bad things about this site. i had a positive experience for the most...