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    building a 5W laser with a Laser that comes with a 12V PSU

    hello, id love to post a link here but im not allowed yet. Ive spotted a 5W Laserdiode inc. a big black heasink with fan and driverboard is already attached, a 12V Powersupply also comes with it. For sure you are familiar with this lasers, they are sold for this carving/burning/cutting machines...
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    9V battery mod?

    Hello, excuse me for making my 4th thread on my 1st day, but ive got a lot to ask and i dont like to put all in 1 single thread. I was wondering how convenient it would be if we here in Europe could just use the regular 9V batteries. The have a little bit more power, you can get them...
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    messing with potentiometer on Blue Laser?

    Hello, i screwed off my new 1500mw Blue Laser for the purpose of putting some Thermal paste between the diode and the casing and on the winding. i got excited when i saw the little potentiometer on the driver circuit, because i saw on Youtube that the power can be increased pretty...
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    Lasers and broken camera sensors.

    Hello guys, i was just sitting in my chair and thinking about doing something positive again and suddenly a thought came up, what would happen if you hold a powerful laser beam into a surveillance camera? Wouldnt the sensor die instanly?that would be a great way to sabotage the upcoming...
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    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my name is Arthur, im 40 and from Hamburg Germany :) i got interested in Lasers by stumbling over a styropyro video like many more i guess. I gotta admit i wasnt even sure if lasers like this existed anywhere else than in science fiction films, let alone they were available for so cheap. How...