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    Red Oclaro 700mW Dimmed @ 1.25A boost

    Hi, I bought 2 Oclaro 700mW diodes off ebay I put them in a 1.25A boost driver host. Both the times I made them (2 diff lasers) both times the laser turns on bright but then dims to very low. I dont know what I am doing wrong, I purchased JAD kit from well known member, so all I can go wrong is...
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    2.4A X-Drive V6, C6 host, C3 host, 501B JAD 1.25A boost

    Selling some extra material that I no longer need 1. X-Drive 2.4A V6 Driver unused SOLD 2. C6 host with 12mm module heat sink and focus knob $25 x2 available 3. C3 silver host with press in diode host SOLD EDIT: added an item 4. Red 501B JAD Kit with a black heat sink, 1.25A boost, I tried...
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    M140 Laser Very Dim Help

    Hello, I just built a m140 c6 kit, and powered it up and it was very dim, using 1.8A X-drive round driver I made 3 lasers 2/3 had the same issue. So I took the laser out of the host, and tested the parts individually as well and same issue for the dim diode. I took the diode off connected it to...
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    Looking for 2.4A drivers 9mm blue

    Hi, I have 2 9mm diodes and hosts, but to complete the builds I need 2 2.4A drivers, Flaminpyro is sold out of the round ones, anyone selling them? or can anyone advise me where to get them? Thanks,
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    WTB 460nm blue high power diode, and Yellow Laser 577nm or 586nm

    Hi, I am looking for a 460nm diode (I know about the 462 on DTR's website) but I am looking specifically 460nm, please let me know if someone is selling one, trying to get as close at 460nm as possible, will pay extra for a graph or so that shows the wavelength of the diode. Also looking for...
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    Need help diagnosing 450nm laser

    Hi, I just built a pltb450b laser in sinner s copperhead host using a 1.8A boost driver from techhood. I tried it with a 3e lens and output was only 800mW and with the fake g2 lens it was 1000mW. I was expecting more around 1.6-2W. There are few things I can think of that can go wrong: 1. The...
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    WTB a laser host for 9mm 445nm laser

    I have been looking at a lot of host/heatsink threads but a lot of the ones I liked are sold out or too pricey, my budget is around $50 depending on the host. I am not too good at designs so I can't just order a host from china and send in dimensions to someone for heatsink. I am looking for...
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    Any Idea on this driver from china

    Hi, I came across this driver, I know chinese drivers have really bad rep for lasers, but I also have used 1.25A drivers for m140 lasers and works fine (it was a DX one, the first laser I made) DIY 20mm 5 Modes Single and Double Lithium Electricity Universal Flashlight Driver Circuit for XML T6...
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    First 9mm 445nm Build in C8

    Hello, this is my first 9mm build and my first build in over a year, previously I had only added a diode to mohgasms c6 jad kit. Heres my plan: I have a c8 host and heat sink, 2.4A X-Drive and a 9mm diode in module and a round blank I plan on first soldering leads to the blank, and pressing it...
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    WTB Laser Supplies for Resale in Canada

    Hi, after being on this forum and reading around for 2 years or so, I noticed shipping is expensive for international and I have missed out on a lot due to shipping. I am planning on building a few lasers testing them out and then sell them within Canada, and maybe other parts to. As now I have...
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    Just Some Laser Pics I Thought Look Nice

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    Green laser, 52mW low power for host purpose

    Hi, I bought this laser from a seller who I often buy different lasers but this turned out to be lower power, I was told its around 150, ended up being 50mW, since its a nice host I am looking to see if anyone would want it for the host, as shipping it to china for a refund works but seller is...
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    Selling Ms-Envy 1.85A JAD kit $75

    hi, although I havent received it yet, but i will "eventually" and "hopefully" get it by next week, Sinners MS-ENVY with 1.85A I bought this I think over 2 months ago and due to it being delayed now I don have enough money to make a full laser out of it so I want to sell it for what I paid for...
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    Deal or Scam for a 515-520nm Green

    I have been looking at 520nm green diodes for a while now and the cheapest are $100 diode only, but today i came across this Aliexpress.com : Buy The first 515nm 520nm pure Green Laser Flashlight in the world 515nm 520nm20mw green Laser pointers TD GP 143 free shipping from Reliable green laser...
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    Almost 2W Blue 445nm Laser

    Hi, I built this laser after over a months search and it is my closest laser to 2W, lpm reading was 1.976W with g2 lens. The reason I am selling is that I now want to build blue violet and maybe red in Sinner's MS-envy host and need funds for that. This laser really needs a focus knob it is...
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    Blue 445nm build Issue-Laser turning off

    Hi, after a long time I finally gathered information to build a non popular laser, previously had only made c6 and 501b. The issue with this laser is that it turns off after few seconds. After doing some research I found that I have not heatsinked the 1.8A driver properly. So since I made it...
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    100mW Green 532nm Laser With LPM Picture

    Hi,I have another laser to sell so I updated this post (dont know how to change the title but this one is not 200mW). This laser is 100mW I am saving up to get some diodes from dtr, (m140 pl520 and the mitts 500) so I am selling this laser that I recently got. It is on specs I was told 100mW +/-...
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    102mW Green Laser Pointer for Sale

    After my previous mistake, I have purchased this laser, and checked output before posting it on lpf, here is a picture of lpm results I dont really have a price, will take offers, however I am interested in a high powered 405 or 638-650nm build, since 450nm is getting boring and 532nm is not...
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    Aliexpress Red Violet and Green Lasers

    Hi, a while back, around 3 weeks I purchased 3 lasers of aliexpress despite the negative reputation, but the lasers turned out to be pretty decent. I bought: 1. 250mW 650nm laser, actual output was 229mW $32 2. 400mW 405nm violet laser, actual output was 333mW $55 3. 200mW 532nm green laser...
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    Heatsinking A 1.8A Mohgasm Driver

    I have just received 8 of these copper heatsinks from dx, ~$5 and I want to build a m140 445nm build in a c2 host, and I was wondering if this heatsink for a 1.8A mohgasm round driver is good enough. I will have to round the corners so that it fits into the pill. This is the largest I could find.