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    Questions about my X105's power/burning ability

    For people who have X105s, how long does it take you to light matches and pop balloons? I think for a 12" black balloon, it takes me about 3 or 4 seconds to pop the balloon from about 2' away (with very shaky hands.) For matches, it seems to take too long. With a small regular old Diamond...
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    Welding Goggles for IR?

    Has anyone researched using welding goggles to block IR? I've searched a good bit to find their capabilities, but it's kind of hard to find true specs on them. Basically, one site selling the goggles mentions blocking IR radiation, but that's about it. Most other sites only mention the goggles'...
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    We need a group buy for this!  500mW red!

    Check this out: http://www.photonic-products.com/products/laserdiodes_visible/sony_visible.html I emailed them for prices, I'll post them as soon as I hear back.  If they're not insanely expensive, (which they probably are, so I shouldn't get my hopes up) maybe we can get a group buy going...