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    Back after a while

    Hey guys, I'm back after probably a couple of years. So what is Wicked Lasers' reputation like now? When I was really into things, PHR-803t diodes were the cool thing on the block, and a $300 handheld 1 watt laser is very enticing.
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    Gone for a while...Wicked Lasers are cheap?

    I've been gone for a while. When I left, the cool thing to have was a 405nm laser with a diode from the HD-DVD players. When I left, Wicked Lasers were also incredibly more expensive than they are now. Can someone fill me in on all of this, and what's going on with these 445nm lasers that I'm...
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    Unrelated to lasers - looking for PSP expert

    I know this isn't laser related, but I'm looking for someone reputable on a forum that I have done trading on, so I've come here. I used to be in the PSP homebrew scene, but I bricked my psp and my friend never got around to making me a pandora battery/memory stick. Now I'm looking to unbrick...
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    Trying to find a decent low powered greenie

    Hey guys. I'm trying to find a greenie for my friend. Not too powerful, just enough so the dot is visible in daylight. Can't order off of DX because I'm in the US, and I never trust mW ratings off of the cheaper ones, so I was looking for some suggestions. Trying to stay in the ~$20 range. I saw...
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    Spirograph for 29.99?

    Saw this the other day at Spencer's at the mall near by for like $29.99 I think. Isn't that REALLY GOOD for a spirograph?
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    Just found out

    Just found out that an Iranian made the first gas laser. Though I know nothing about my half-iranian heritage really, except the really good food, sweet! 8-) I guess lasers are just in my blood lol ;D
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    DealExtreme stole their logo!

    Deal Extreme completely stole the logo for Yamaha's DX line synthesizers, which have been around for ages. Here on picture five -...
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    Should I bring my laser to my homecoming dance?

    Nova x-45. A. Recipe for disaster most likely resulting in expulsion and a news headline something along the lines of, "Disturbed boy brings futuristic terrorist weapon to high school dance". B. Hell yeah! RAVE TIME! *makes rave-like bass-snare beat sound)*
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    Music theory

    This is a question for any music nuts/jazz improvising nuts like me on this forum. I have an question. If you're playing and improvising over a C major chord progression and you run into C major's relative B half-diminished chord, would you want to use a C or a C# over that chord? You would...
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    Better burner?

    I've yet to decide. Which do you think is a better burner out of the two: The dilda, or a ~100 blu ray? My dilda averages at around 220mW and my blu ray around 100mW and I've yet to decide which one is the better burner.
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    Anyone good at chemistry?

    I'm taking chemistry this year, and I'm trying to figure out something. Why is THC tetrahydrocannabinol? Wouldn't it actually be tetrahydrogen monocarbide?
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    PSP Cam

    Up for sale is a used PSP camera that will attach to the top of a PSP via USB and enable the use of the camera function in the PSP. It will take video and photo at 1.3MP. It comes with a case as well. It's in fine condition. The camera flips both ways so you can take pics/vids of yourself and of...
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    Just finished Ender's Shadow

    It's an amazing book by Orson Scott Card It's part of the Ender's Game series, though it's a parallel to Ender's Game, so you can read either first. Personally, I like Ender's Shadow more than Ender's Game. I'm not much of a reader, so it's saying a lot if I like a book. You should really give...
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    Random story game

    On some forums, this thread is a success, and on others an epic fail. Pretty much we generate a stupid random story by each person typing in a one word post that goes along with the last one. I think you guys will catch on. Ill start: The
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    Laser printers

    What kind of lasers are in laser printers, and how do they work? Anything harvestable?
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    Possible brand of some DX lasers

    PowerMaster - http://www.vavolo.com/Func_info.asp,Func_ID,39,Func_Name,PowerMaster+Laser+Pointers,,.htm Some look familiar, especially DX's new 473nm models, and the green oddly-shaped, chrome pointer.
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    DL Burners

    What type of diode is in the Dual Layer DVD burners? I would imagine that they would be a lot more powerful than your standard 16x or 22x DVD burner.
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    Nova x45 at 130mW

    I sent my lasers to GooeyGus for a pot tune-up. After measuring it, the laser was unstable, but was jumping to 130mW and surviving. I found this pretty crazy. a 45 jumping to 130 :o
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    HID Flashlights

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    Want to trade or sell or something. I don't think this would be the right place to sell this since its not a laser but whatever. ATI TV Tuner PCI card. Anyone interested? Will include software and drivers. I will post pics tomorrow.