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  1. Lifetime17

    5.6mm no press 12mm DTR modules

    Hi Paul, Yes I was wondering how these work , there is no info stating that or pics either .Go to his site , rich:)
  2. Lifetime17

    High Level Heatsink Design

    Hi, Well let me be honest about duty cycles, As I said time and again we run these diodes well out of specs that they were intended for from the manufacturers point . I have been a supporter of the 30on/30 off but sometimes you can break the rules. Treat them right and they will last with...
  3. Lifetime17

    5.6mm no press 12mm DTR modules

    Hi gents, Thanks a lot now I know im not the only one with questions pertaining with this thread. thats what makes this forum the bomb!!! You guys are awesome Really. Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    5.6mm no press 12mm DTR modules

    Hi LPF, Tell me what is with the new no press 5.6mm / 12mm copper modules that DTR has on his site. No pics or info how they work for us. Maybe im missing something , please clarify. There are no drop downs boxes for the regular 5.6mm modules to purchase. Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    BUMP...... Thanks Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17

    High Level Heatsink Design

    Hi, For the NUBM44 diodes a very large heat sink is required as we all know from experience . Rich:)
  7. Lifetime17

    hi guys!

    Hi Bob, Welcome and enjoy this fabulous forum.Here you will find many fine folks and and abundance of info. We also have search bar for referencing different topics. So be safe always and a good pair of Survival safety glasses are always in order. Rich:)
  8. Lifetime17

    My first 1+W Green!

    Hi, There nothing like the big green monster , bright and beautiful . Ohi see you have a Argentum LPM I purchased on a long time ago and it sat until I found this. Its a 3D printed housing for it. And let me tell you its great . Theres a guy on eBay that makes them and he makes the housings for...
  9. Lifetime17

    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Hi I think I might be a few left of those need to chech Rich:)
  10. Lifetime17

    Sanwu 304 150mW blue--for starpointing? And what batteries?

    Hi D, For star pointing and the best visible beam either a 532 or a 525 or a 520 nm would be the best for your application. We see the green WL the best out of the color spectrum and is the brightest. Rich:)
  11. Lifetime17

    Newbie get duped?

    Hi Ponz, Its on its way ... Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    Hi Curtis, Wow it finally came together and looks great , lots of work involved . Nice choice of diode to and the side switch for ease of handling control. Great job and thanks for the pics, I was wondering when you were going to finish it. Rich:)
  13. Lifetime17

    4W 465nm NUBM07 T6 Build (w/pics).

    Hi murph, Great job modding the host and a great choice of diode. Rich:)
  14. Lifetime17

    Can't open my laser

    Hi N, Yes post in the welcome section first so we get to know you better . Then post pics of the laser your speaking about , would be able to help then. Rich:)
  15. Lifetime17

    Newbie get duped?

    Hi Hi T No he’s not a troll I can vouch for that Rich:)
  16. Lifetime17

    Newbie get duped?

    Hi Ponz, personally I think its way to much for a 5W build, its in a fancy host with star caps and batteries and a charger. Plus you won't really know if its really 5W's . And has all Chinese components and glued together. Hey that just my opinion and it your money buddy. Hope you find what your...
  17. Lifetime17

    Single Mode Diodes Question

    Hi Kyle, yes there are some 520nm diode are great choices and the divergence is really nice, here are a few examples, Rich:) Rich:)
  18. Lifetime17

    Newbie get duped?

    Hi Bleddyn, You dont need a 6/7 W build to start a fire , a 4/5 w is more than enough and keeps the cost down . Ti further the lower cost of a custom a flashlight modded host is in order here . These still have custom sinks and adapters and all top notch components no cheap stuff sorry. Thanks...
  19. Lifetime17

    Newbie get duped?

    Hi Ponz, Jet lasers are are a great company yes to order from , I think Hak is an affiliate with them here in the states email him greta guy to deal with if you go with Jet lasers. Also if you go for the 7W 450 laser you can get as an option their 10X Beam expander that would work well at...
  20. Lifetime17

    High Level Heatsink Design

    Hi, Ok coppers the best for sinking , but most expensive also a large Aluminum sink will do quite well for the NUBM44 diodes. I have done many with Aluminum and aluminum with a copper core pressed in. All In all you should keep the duty cycles down respectively , we run these higher power...