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    I accidentaly shined a 5mw laser directly into the eye.

    Yes go to the eye doctor immediately. We can't help answer.
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    Sanwu 304 150mW blue--for starpointing? And what batteries?

    Oh yeah, the battery sizes and polarity location are all over the place with the 301's 304's. It's so easy to make a mistake. So obviously triple check with the seller.. Yes please do a review when you get it. I'm really curious as i'm sure others are too:)
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    Sanwu 304 150mW blue--for starpointing? And what batteries?

    Unless the 301's 303's and 304's are a green 532nm, or a purple 405nm or 650nm red its a chance you have to take when you order a 150mw blue. I personally don't know who or how they mod a 304 into a 150mw blue. Maby someone has bought one and knows.. For star pointing the 532nm is obviously the...
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    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    Wow Curtis:) This was a surprise.. Perfect choice of a diode for this build.:)
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    Some FAQs about green DPSS lasers

    Can't answer that, but I had fun reading the old posts:)
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    4W 465nm NUBM07 T6 Build (w/pics).

    Yes probably Dtr de canned it since you ordered the lens.. In time you will learn;) and having access to that lathe will be fun:)
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    4W 465nm NUBM07 T6 Build (w/pics).

    Wow those are some nice beam pics:) So you did decan the NUMB07? It's such a pretty color.. Having to wait for the lathe and probably rush to finish is a bummer. Just for curiousity how much lathe time do they give you?
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    Space Discussion Thread

    I believe the reasoning to return to the Moon if we were to man it, is it's easier to launch spacecraft with no atmosphere to break through.
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    Newbie get duped?

    Double post here, I really reccomend going with Lifetime17 for a full build or one of his hosts for a Dtr module drop in, I hate to say this but if your budget is $40 look at Lasserpointerstore for a Blue 1W Thor or Gattling. Just expect that if there is any issue's "Tommy" the owner will be...
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    Newbie get duped?

    No No.. stay away from that sight.. Run Away!! 303 lasers for $70 and a Gattlings from $160 to $270 for the extended version..
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    Newbie get duped?

    They use alot of glue and parts are pressed in tight on top of that. These cheap China mass produced lasers don't use standard sizes. So most likely you will destroy more parts that you can salvage, and the better made drivers and modules etc. won't fit in the host without more tinkering and...
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    Single Mode Diodes Question

    532's are DPSS lasers so they don't qualify. I think the lower power PL450's blues and lower power PL520 greens. 488's and 505 maby.
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    Newbie get duped?

    Unfortunately Len it's deals like this that bring newbies here for answers and comfort. I also don't see how new members can find this forum easily, unless i'm missing something? Oh I came ever so close to buying from laserpointerpro and other scammers, I just lucked out and never pulled the...
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    Newbie get duped?

    Ok now I understand it.. You ordered the blue laser and got the green 532. Bleddyn you also ordered the blue laser too? The blue will burn and will be a bit over 1W, thats if you got one.
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    Newbie get duped?

    If its a 532nm its more for brightness and star pointing at night. Maby its doing 70mw to 80mw. Really won't feel it burn you skin. You can maby light a black tipped match..
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    Newbie get duped?

    This a gattling style blue laser?
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    Newbie get duped?

    Bleddyn, this 532nm you bought is probably doing anywhere from 60mW to 80mW+ Yes it's bright and green is what the human eye see's the best. A 532nm laser is about 10 times as bright compared to a 445nm of the same power. I'm curious what host your 532 is in?
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Wow, that 488nm carbon fiber wrapped host is pretty, 132mw's of Aqua Blue:):):):) How are those 26350 battery's Rich. That opens up a world of options and I can imagine just how hefty that 520nm Convoy build is..
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    I ever rarely read this thread. Most of it goes over my head anyway's :whistle: Glad I did. Snecho, Why would I hate you or even Red. We don't even know you, and forum arguments or disagrements are not a scale's of hating anyone. Iv'e argued with many here that have helped me alot. When you...
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