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  1. kecked

    My new 350 TeraBytes Computer Location!

    I would dearly love to have the lasermame rom set. looking for battle tank in particular. Want to see if I can get it to run on the new fb4 hardware now that I have 60k scanners.
  2. kecked

    successfully lase Pr YLF crystal

    excellent that is just what I was looking for. Well if I get the wild hair to spend on the crystal I have the other optics.
  3. kecked

    successfully lase Pr YLF crystal

    Thanks for the information. Can you post a picture from the top so I can see the full layout? I am thinking to try building this but take that last mirror and replace it with a grating to make it an external cavity style v fold. Wondering if I can tune the cavity then and have a shot at mode...
  4. kecked

    successfully lase Pr YLF crystal

    Can you post a few more pictures of the setup. I am interested to see how the crystal is mounted.
  5. kecked

    successfully lase Pr YLF crystal

    Where did you get the crystal and how much was it?
  6. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    I’d love to see someone bring in a bunch of diodes and optics along with mounts and a rail to a meet up and have a sort of lab for people to experiment and learn how cyl priem pairs and spatial filters and and work in ,person
  7. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    This could be useful for beams as getting a tight red beam with power is tough and you can swing it on a scanner set with large mirrors because speed is not as important for beams. Nice job, aligning such c lens set is not trivial.
  8. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    Should be good for making beam fans and lumia.
  9. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    Wonder if addition cylinder lens might bring it back? Likely end up with giant square at distance. I was thinking to use the installed fiber as half the cyl pair. Looks like the correct the fast axis instead of the slow axis. I had hoped they where matching the two together so the slow axis...
  10. kecked

    Hello from Ohio, from me and my burnt diodes

    I’m up in cleveland
  11. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    Maybe you don’t glue to the diode. Maybe something fits over the diode housing with the optic in place you adjust and then glue down sealing in the inert dry gas. Wonder if you can get the can cut down close enough to do that. Let’s you adjust out rotation too. Thread it? And then glue it!
  12. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    Well I’m not your guy for this. The more I play with lasers in the lab the less I find I really know Much of anything. Drawing pretty pictures on the wall does not make on a laser expert.
  13. kecked

    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    If you do decide to fac diodes make really sure you use the right glue especially on the blue or violet diodes or that glue will yellow and crumble quickly. Also if you don’t do it in an inert and DRY ATMOSPHERE your toast. Even in a nitrogen glove box the blues where dying. It was not until...
  14. kecked

    NDS-7175 Skyblue LD ?

    Oh I’m drooling now! I dream of yellow. But cyan yellow. Oh man the white!
  15. kecked

    Good/bad diode.

    I’m feeling to lazy to answer. Search for laser diode dummy load
  16. kecked

    Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality

    doubt it would be effective as it would cause breakdown in the air so severe it would destroy the device. so It’s just antimatter matter Great make enough antimatter.
  17. kecked

    Advice On Cleaning Cheap 532nm Optics

    If no one mentioned it....clean compressed air does wonders. Plain old soap and water on a lens cleaning paper. For cheap ones I don’t care about. A quick dip in water from the sink and a corner of a paper towel to suck the water off the lens.
  18. kecked

    Interesting web page discussing the optics of the eye and wavelength

    You ain’t seeing 1064...... if anything its some other non linear effect bringing it up in the 700-800 range. It is also really dangerous to try. Your eyes don’t cry if you f it up. If you take the cornea off there have been reports of seeing father into the ir. Read about it but yea no try
  19. kecked

    Killer deal on USB spectrometer! (update: legitimate!)

    Well I decided to go one farther. Going to try a photon counter set to a couple uv wavelengths of interest via a jobin monochromator and pmt setup. Tried it with xenon flash and it worked well. Yea won’t get entire spectrum in one shot but will be interesting. I want to look at the uv...
  20. kecked

    Killer deal on USB spectrometer! (update: legitimate!)

    Just continuous log for a while during a night storm. Should be pretty easy if the spec reacts quickly enough.thinking I might use an Andor for that one.