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  1. XCreedX

    1.3W 445nm Ehgmus host CR123

    Yeah its an amazing host, so unique.
  2. XCreedX

    1.3W 445nm Ehgmus host CR123

    Laser uses a Jibs 1.25A driver, two cr123 batteries not induced but shown for reference. Has a 445 lens from aixiz and only has around 30 minutes of use on it. Amazing host and very powerful. Asking ~$150 obo.
  3. XCreedX

    Wicked sale!!!

    BUMP. Taking offers.
  4. XCreedX

    Wicked sale!!!

    I am currently in desperate need for money due to college classes that I need this summer....IF YOU BUY BOTH LASERS I'LL GIVE YOU THE CHARGER AND CASE FOR FREE So I have to sell my lasers. First up is an Ehgemus 26650 host that is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS I might add. Utlizing dual flexdrives V5 set...
  5. XCreedX

    FS: 405nm 350mw

    Got it :beer:
  6. XCreedX

    --SOLD--1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!!

    Re: 1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!! Alright guys its sold, Thanks a bunch guys I really needed the money! :cool:
  7. XCreedX

    --SOLD--1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!!

    Re: 1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!! Bump! Updated with Price.
  8. XCreedX

    --SOLD--1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!!

    Hey guys I had alot of fun building this laser but I am in need of money. I need around a thousand bucks for my books, thankfully this is my last year and I graduate :cool: I am really going to miss this one, the burning power is just... Well 1000mW :eg: On to the item... Specs/ Features: 1...
  9. XCreedX

    Great Customer Service From Aixiz Store (Texas)

    So two weeks ago I ordered a 405nm glass lens of aixiz store on ebay. After receiving the lens in the mail I noticed a blue tint on the lens. :scowl: Well I instantly contacted aixiz by email (Chuck) and told him about the mix-up from the factory. In less than 1 hour he resopned, "What's your...
  10. XCreedX

    *Feeler* PGL-III-C bare hosts

    I would be interested in one.
  11. XCreedX

    10X blu-ray burner $99.99 (actually a burner)

    Re: 10X blu-ray burner $109.99 (actually a burner) Great find youbresal! :cool:
  12. XCreedX

    AixiZ 445nm lens...

    I ordered a 405nm lens a while back and received it yesterday.. Blue tint. I contacted Aixiz and they are sending me a new one. Great customer service :cool:
  13. XCreedX

    My first 445 build, 18650 *sized* ~400mw

    Great laser and beamshots. :cool: I really dig the 18650 hosts.
  14. XCreedX

    Complete 445 build specs,if you've built your own 445 post the specs here

    A130 diode Microboost @ 1A 18650 Host with copper heatsink. Aixiz 445 lens. Total cost: ~$100
  15. XCreedX

    Finished 445nm 870ma (pics and video)

    Re: Finished my first 445nm Awesome man! I just finished one as well. Do you have any pics?
  16. XCreedX

    C3 Stainless 445nm Build

    Hows this font Ossumguy, :cool: It's a awesome host, with the heatsink the weight totaled is around 13 ounces. Very sturdy and clean.
  17. XCreedX

    C3 Stainless 445nm Build

    Hey whats up everyone, just finished a C3 Stainless build with an A130 diode @ 500mA. Gotta love those Evo Pro's :cool: The one in the picture is a 130mW from Kenom. Output ~150-160mW. As of now I am using a 650nm glass lens and the "dot" is fairly round. The heatsink is made of copper from...
  18. XCreedX

    Driver Compilation Thread - All Drivers In Just One Thread!

    This is a great idea, and much needed. :cool:
  19. XCreedX

    My 18560/Jayrob 445nm Burn Video + Pics

    Re: My 18560/Jayrob 445nm Very nice beam shots. I am currently building a 445 myself in a C3 Stainless host. Microboost @ 700mAh. :cool:
  20. XCreedX

    WTB: PGL-III CNI housing

    Is it just me or does that laser on ebay look like a o-like style host. I am pretty sure thats not a CNI host. Still, great price for a host.