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    Recent experience with lazerer

    9/16 - Order placed 9/17 - Not showing up in order history, emailed Max (heard he was very slow to respond if he even got around to it). Got a reply within a half hour that it might take a few days. 9/19 - Processing 9/30 - Still processing, emailed Max again to see if it is out of stock, or...
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    1.5W laser safety with effects lens

    I know many people here are militant supporters of eye safety so I will begin by saying that I am not a moron and would never attempt to use a device even 1% this powerful without goggles. This question is purely out of curiosity since I have no idea what to expect and I'm sure others have...
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    Lasers with effects lens?

    I have recently been introduced to the world of high powered lasers and am enthralled. I would like to buy a green laser in the power range of 100-200mW. I would really like if it came with interchangeable heads that produce various effects (dot, line, galaxy) etc. to entertain people. The...