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  1. XCreedX

    1.3W 445nm Ehgmus host CR123

    Laser uses a Jibs 1.25A driver, two cr123 batteries not induced but shown for reference. Has a 445 lens from aixiz and only has around 30 minutes of use on it. Amazing host and very powerful. Asking ~$150 obo.
  2. XCreedX

    Wicked sale!!!

    I am currently in desperate need for money due to college classes that I need this summer....IF YOU BUY BOTH LASERS I'LL GIVE YOU THE CHARGER AND CASE FOR FREE So I have to sell my lasers. First up is an Ehgemus 26650 host that is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS I might add. Utlizing dual flexdrives V5 set...
  3. XCreedX

    --SOLD--1 WATT 445nm Copper Heatsink Laser For Sale!!!

    Hey guys I had alot of fun building this laser but I am in need of money. I need around a thousand bucks for my books, thankfully this is my last year and I graduate :cool: I am really going to miss this one, the burning power is just... Well 1000mW :eg: On to the item... Specs/ Features: 1...
  4. XCreedX

    Great Customer Service From Aixiz Store (Texas)

    So two weeks ago I ordered a 405nm glass lens of aixiz store on ebay. After receiving the lens in the mail I noticed a blue tint on the lens. :scowl: Well I instantly contacted aixiz by email (Chuck) and told him about the mix-up from the factory. In less than 1 hour he resopned, "What's your...
  5. XCreedX

    C3 Stainless 445nm Build

    Hey whats up everyone, just finished a C3 Stainless build with an A130 diode @ 500mA. Gotta love those Evo Pro's :cool: The one in the picture is a 130mW from Kenom. Output ~150-160mW. As of now I am using a 650nm glass lens and the "dot" is fairly round. The heatsink is made of copper from...
  6. XCreedX

    Lasers For SALE --SOLD---

    Yes another sale :cool: Well it turns out that I need some money for some new books for machine tool and I am short on funds. So I am forced to sell some of my laser collection :undecided: Up for sale are 4 lasers. Here is the infamous 37mW Green laser that was sold to me from SwimSurf...
  7. XCreedX

    Dr. Lava is the Man!

    A few months ago I had an issue with a driver, and Dr. Lava sent me a brand new one :cool: I appreciate it Lava, +rep for great service.
  8. XCreedX

    CUSTOM LOC @ 400mA Review

    Just got done with this pen host LOC red laser. The diode is driven at 400mA for amazing power and a great life span with a respectful duty cycle. The driver is a rckstr adjustable and the laser utilizes two 10440 3.6v batteries. I love this black host with the chrome clip, this laser can...
  9. XCreedX

    CUSTOM PHR @ 111mA ---SOLD---

    What's up Guys, For Sale is one of my custom builds that houses a PHR diode with a Flxdrive @ 111mA for a long life and high power. The heatsink is custom made with an HAAS TL Lathe. Polished to a chrome finish and with a one piece construction. Dust cover and battery are included (14500...
  10. XCreedX

    CUSTOM Built 100mW 532nm Green

    Well this build has been set aside for awhile for a review so I decided tonight is the time to show the builds I have been working on for the last few weeks. I haven't been on the forums in a long time because of work/ machine tool classes at Midlands Tech and so on. I will soon have my own...
  11. XCreedX

    Way Overspec 5mW Green

    About Tuesday I ordered an overspec 5mW green pointer from Swiminsurfer256 and it arrived today (friday). :) Came Packaged in a bubble envelope. Beam shots in a light room. You can almost make out the beam in a light room! Same as above. Significantly brighter with AAA lithium's. The laser...
  12. XCreedX

    Cree C3 6X Blu-Ray 200mW

    I just finished my second blu-ray build which is a 6x, i have a flxdrive set at 200mA which was fixed by lava, and i greatly appreciate it. I machined out a sink and attached the pill and 200mW's of violet light escape through the acrylic lens. I bought a couple more lenses bc they will...
  13. XCreedX

    Nano Laser Scale

    Nano Technology brings amazing results Hey have you checked this out, really interesting article about nanotechnology. http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/11/nanocrystal-breakthrough-promises-more-versatile-lasers-world-p/
  14. XCreedX

    Upload picture error

    Does anybody else when they try to upload a picture to their album here get tabbed over to CNI or wicked lasers and are not able to upload their picture?
  15. XCreedX

    Cree C3 LCC 300mW+

    I just finished my Red laser build from a 6x sled, i harvested the LCC diode and soldered a fxldrive at 450mA with a AR Glass lens and i swear its at least 300mW I have a video of it burning and a picture, I will get more pics soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMSVApMSVHc
  16. XCreedX

    KD50 Question

    Hey LPF, Do you think I could fit an o-like green module into a KD50 host?
  17. XCreedX

    What Genre of music do you listen too?

    Posts bands, genres, ect. of what you listen too. I listen to metal, rock, some rap Bands I like, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Staind, Pop Evil, Disturbed, Pillar, Rise Against, Mud Vayne, Lil Wayne, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, and Atreyu. Post what you listen too.
  18. XCreedX

    KD 50 Available to US?

    I was looking for a replacement host for my KD50, which i bought one from Ken, I'm not sure if this is a different KD50 but it is available for purchase to United States as their is no warning like on the "copper" Here are the two links, the copper has bold red letters stating that no...
  19. XCreedX

    Ledshoppe 3W AAA flashlight MXDL

          Today I just received my flashlight from ledshoppe in plans for a phr or 6x... but man this is one bright light for its size ;D I am not sure what to do lol, maybe have to order a second one.       It took roughly 13 days to get here to SC, came with 2 Rechargeable AAA 1600mAh 8-) As a...
  20. XCreedX

    Look at this 60W burn...

    I stumbled across this video awhile ago and thought i might share it, it burns/cuts through rocks, tin, counter top material, and a utility knife blade. :o Don't want to get your hand across that one. ;D