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    Various ads removed for LPF Supporting Members.

    Hi All, In addition to getting access to a real-time chat system for faster communications and "LPF Site Supporter" status, the $5/month subscription will also remove various ads such as Adsense network, Media.net ad network, and the TopLaserPointers.com links. Only static ads like Sanwu...
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    doing a backup now that i have a clean server restore

    just an FYI that im about to do a backup.
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    leet guitar solo

    starts getting unreal at 1:10 U1-PZCZtTXM
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    REPUTATION now avail in user profiles

    visit a user profiel, and their is a 'reputation' tab where u can view comments ppl left for rep and rep points
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    just deleted a ton of spammers from old site

    i just deleted a ton of spammers with russian emails addresses from teh database trying to clear out the member list a bit
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    POST youtube ideas directly in posts!

    use the yt tags for example,if i wanted to embed a youtube video for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVxZ9IHTH2E this video, [.yt]nVxZ9IHTH2E[./yt] i would remove yt without the periods. note that u must just put the video ID, not the entire URL
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    OLD LPF darkshadows layout is back

    hi all, please try the darkshadows layout that drlaser made is it very similar to the old lpf layout u can change this in the far bottom left drop down box on lpf or in ur profile
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    New darkshadows layout is back

    thx to Dr for making darkshadows layout for new LPF its very similar please give it a try 500 rep points to mohammed talk later peace
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    Happy to see site is going well

    dear members i am going to work shortly but i am relieved to see site is working a lot better. i will be back later to continue optimizing the site and help with anything u all need big reputation points will be given out to anyone who posts useful threads for learning to use vBulletin , fix...
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    HOW TO INCREASE PM Limits and enable SENT folder

    http://laserpointerforums.com/laser_pointer_forums_3/forum/showthread.php?t=40080 thx for hallucyngenyc for the help
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    Going to sleep, backups later

    dear lpf members, i am going to sleep but will be back soon to do a few backups and server work hope u all are getting more used to the new site. please post any issues here that u want me to look into tomorrow yours -avery
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    vbulletin FAQ

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    Email - please make sure its correct in ur profile

    dear members please verify ur email is correct in your profile , you don't have to change it but i would recommend for notifications /etc. password resetting situations
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    PMs - questiosn

    can u send recv PMs? how many PMs does it say ur allowed to store in ur inbox?
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    new forum - positives

    i understand moving to new system is going to take time to get used to. to be honest my morale is low if just hearing all negatives about the site lol is there anything u like more on new site? for example, search feature is 100x better than before
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    want rep back? post here if u had a lot of rep and lost it

    did someone on old forum have a lot of rep? if other members agree i will manuall give ppl rep back that deserve it plz understnad this will take me time as there are a ton of members and just me to do it
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    why we moved to vbulletin

    dear members, please understand this move to vbulletin was necessary to handle the amount of data and processing for LPF. the flatfile system of YaBB was something we needed to move away from i know change is not easy, but i am dedicated to making vbulletin work for you vbulletin is the...
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    image upload testing

    try uploading feature here
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    blahhhhhhh test