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  1. justinjja

    SOLD: Ophir LPM

    Sold pending payment This is a one-of prototype of mine. An Ophir head from ebay is included. (New Old Stock) Features: Datalogging Power from USB, OR from the included rechargeable Battery Backlit screen, that is visible with 445 protection glasses on It powers the 20C-A with +/-...
  2. justinjja

    Overspec 532 Pens for sale 15$ - 35$

    I have 4 for sale atm They are the standard AAA pens Just tested all of them with fresh set of good AAA's Testing done at ~25c Sold1: 100mW peak; 100mW at 30s; 35$ (starts around 80mW and goes up) Sold2: 100mW peak; 65mW at 30s; 30$ 3: 70mW peak; 60mW at 30s; 20$ Sold4...
  3. justinjja

    SOLD: 200mW Green Power Rock - $100

    200mW Green Bought this a while ago with a dead driver, Driver has been replaced, and it works great. Really hate to sell this one, but need money for tuition... Price is 100 + shipping ATM only willing to sell the the USA Shipping + insurance will be $10
  4. justinjja

    FS: Laser Safety glasses 445, 405, 532

    Price is $14 Shipped to the USA, Additional pairs are $8 each These are the best safety glasses I have found that don't break the bank. Even if you have an expensive pair of safety glasses, these are great for guests. Also if you are trying to record or photograph your laser these can be...
  5. justinjja

    PT54 Soldered directly onto Heatsink

    I had a lot of free time today, here is what I acomplished lol: I Soldered it by putting the whole heatsink in a frying pan for half an hour :D Only problem now is I cant seem to solder the electical leads with my regular 60W soldering station Because the heatsink is working to well! I keep...
  6. justinjja

    PT54 - 13A LDO Current Source

    Designed a PSU for running the PT54 Led at full power, Here it is: Important: OP Amp - Needs to be rail to rail, or at least have a good voltage swing it also needs to be able to operate properly at ~3.5v Mosfet - Needs to have a low RDSon at ~3V Vgs Resistor - the 0.02 Ohm resistor needs...
  7. justinjja

    PT54 Help

    In the datasheet the max junction temp is 80c I found the Leds on chip Thermistors B value to be ~3400 and its 25c resistance is 10k omhs Based on that I can find the Thermistor temp But I couldnt find a (Degree/Watt) number connecting the Thermistor temp to the junction temp any ideas...
  8. justinjja

    Calibration Laser weekend project

    Going to be making my self a new calibration laser this weekend. I'll be using a Tec, Controlled by a microcontroller, to regulate the temperature. Diode with be an M140 running at about 1W. Should be fun, I'll update this thread with my progress EDIT: Part list 1)6A, 5V PSU from...
  9. justinjja

    2.6W Small Sun, Stainless Steel, 3W Peak

    Sold pending payment FS is a 445 Small Sun Build Diode is a high power 9mm Lens is Single Element 9mm lens 2.2A Driver current Recommended duty cycle is 30s on / 60s off From a room temp start its ok to go for longer Just be smart, if the lasers feels hot in your hand, let it...
  10. justinjja

    Sold: The Juggernaut "RED Edition" 1.3W 635 Build

    Sold to LuxIncendendus pending payment For sale is a very nice 635nm Laser. This laser uses one of the 500mW 635nm Mitsubishi diodes The lens is a 650-G2 Diode is run at 1.5A with an X-Drive Tec is also powered by an X-Drive, at 1.8A The 2 Heatsinks were made by Eudaimonium :thanks: The...
  11. justinjja

    Epic LPM Graph...

    I love how the output goes up as the laser "Warms up" New record for a mitsu 500?
  12. justinjja

    The Juggernaut "RED Edition"

    I am starting another "Juggernaut" Maglite build This one will be using a 500mW 635 Mitsubishi diode I am expecting 1.2W+ out of this guy Not to mention this build might actually be close to 635nm (Chilled Diode) True 635 is quite a bit birghter per mw than 445 The 2 part heasink was...
  13. justinjja

    Most powerfull 638nm Build?

    What is the most powerfull complete handheld red build you have seen here? Lazeerer's 1.1W?
  14. justinjja

    X-Drive VS BlitzBuck

    I am considering one of these for a TEC, ~6.5V @ 2A from 2 lithium cells What is the max vout of these drivers? Which one has the lowest Dropout? Will the new BlitzBuck V4 use the same IC as the V3? / would one work better than the other? EDIT: Also does anyone know what a good PWM frequency...
  15. justinjja


  16. justinjja


    Nice sturdy gray MagLite build for sale. Price Drop : $295 + shipping 2x 32600 ~5000mAh batteries included 1x pair of safety glasses included Charger also included Lens is the High power 9mm lens Driver is custom made, using the LT-3083 Duty cycle won't matter in most cases, From a...
  17. justinjja

    638 correction with only 2 lenses?

    Would this work? With a small Cylinder Lens sitting right on the diode? Is this how a FAC works? The angle of the wider axis is 35 degrees, and the narrower one is 7.5 degrees Is there a simple calculation of the the focal length would need to be based on getting 7.5 degrees to 35 degrees?
  18. justinjja

    WTB 9mm stock lenses

    PM me your price, looking to buy up to 3 of them.
  19. justinjja

    SOLD: 1.3W 445nm Blue Laser, Stainless Steel SH-032

    Nice 1.3W laser in a SH-032 Host Runs on an 18650 (Included) Charger and safety glasses are also included Diode is quite efficient, and has a duty cycle of 2on/1off M140 Diode G2 lens (Optional) (1.3W is with G2 lens; ~1W w/o G2 lens) 1A Aixiz Boost Driver Aluminum Heatsink Copper aixiz...
  20. justinjja

    Justinjja's LPM "No longer a Prototype" :D

    I present my new and improved LPM design: (Now a Release Candidate):san: LPM is powered by a 3.3v LDO, So no crappy 9v batteries, and no boosting regulator in this LPM :D The ADC and LDO are High quality, High accuracy, and Low noise. made by Texas Instruments ;) The LPM is also very...