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  1. Milos

    OPT Lasers Cylindric lenses - NUBM44 beam correction tests

    As I promised, am starting a new thread on this subject because i'll have a lot of stuff to post and don't want to pollute other threads. I now have mostly OPT Lasers lenses, but will try others if I get them to compare. I gotta say that guys at OPT Lasers have been super friendly and happy...
  2. Milos

    SOLD - Coherent LaserCheck - $170! - Great Condition !

    I'm selling my Prtable LaserCheck by Coherent. Its served me plenty, and its a nice unit to have if you own few lasers 1W and below. The only bad thing about it is that it is not calibrated for blue and violet lasers well, so for 445nm laser you need to use 421 setting. It is not good for...
  3. Milos

    ALL SOLD _ DrLava's Flex Driver V5 for sale + Diodes !!!!!!

    anyone interested? Not sure if they are still available.. I don't quite remember but I think $25 a piece was the original price. Just trying to sell them and get the money back :-) Never used, still in anti static bag. the rest of the things on the picture are also brand new (still in a...
  4. Milos

    Cleanup sale - Diodes, V5 Drivers, Waterproof Host

    I never ended up finding time to build anymore smaller lasers, so its your chance guys to get brand new unused parts at a discounted price. Drivers have never been used, and have been kept in antu static bags. Diodes have never been opened out of sealed anty static bag since i received them...
  5. Milos

    SOLD - Optotronics RPL-425 - Half Price - Mint Condition

    I'm finally selling my RPL-425. It has about 60-70minutes of use over the 4 year period. Never longer than 5min of On time at the time. It is in pristine condition, and it has been mainly sitting in its original box. I occasionally tested the output, and it has not changed since i first got...
  6. Milos

    STINGRAY-3 Review " Hercules Killer"

    STINGRAY-3 Review " The Hercules Killer" Finally done. version 1.0 :-) The main reason I built this thing was to keep upgrading it :-) Oh ye, also to beat the only other active fan cooled hand held laser in power, and make it smaller! For that, and to keep that up, it had to be...
  7. Milos

    1000mW 650nm ??

    What the hell is this thing? how dare they!??:scowl: 1000mW Typhoeus Series Red Laser Pointer, 650nm 1000mW red laser pointer- LaserTo: Red Laser Pointer
  8. Milos

    Introducing STINGRAY-3 Development of the "Hercules killer"

    STINGRAY-3 and the anamorphic lens upgrade PROJECT STINGRAY 3 This is something little I've been working on this winter. Work is still in progress, but the hard part is done. This idea I had ever since my Stingray-2 days...
  9. Milos

    Ignore TEST THREAD (Sorry)

    testing 1, 2, uhmm ..3
  10. Milos

    Mitsubishi 500mW 635nm Diode

    635nm 500mW red laser diode /Mitsubishi ML501P73 [OL-635-500] - $115.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce Has anyone worked with this diode? Is there a place to order it from? Thanks btw, as winter is here, i have laser fever, and lots of catching up to do. My Stingray 3 project is back on...
  11. Milos

    DrLava's V4 driver - PDF needed

    Can anyone post pdf of DrLava's older version (Flex V4) driver. I have one, but i forgot what points to jump to set it for higher current output. thanks in advance.
  12. Milos

    Dr Lava Micro Flex Drive V5 ?

    Today I tested some 650nm and 445nm diodes with Groove 2, and DrLava's V5 but i forgot to change setting on my DC power supply since i switched from Groove 2 driver. So setting was still at 8V ! I completely forgot that V5 manual states that it should not get more than 5.8V input. Thats what...
  13. Milos

    BDR-S06J 12x Sled question

    Hi guys. I'm about to order one or two of these sleds, but i don't see it as a popular diode. Is there any more experience with this sled 405nm diode of performance other than Morgan's input from the graph in sticky thread? I'm curious weather its safe to push them with to 500mA as other 12x...
  14. Milos

    Why not Groove 2 by DrLava ? !

    I don't see anyone using or talking of Groove 2 driver by Dr.Lava. http://www.*****************.com/shop/77-groove-2-driver.html http://hacylon.case.edu/ebay/laser_diode/Groove_2.php It is linear driver - I think perfect for all our favorite diodes up to 500mA, (405nm, 655nm, 445nm) using two...
  15. Milos

    Optotronics RPL-425 review BEST PORTABLE YET!

    I sent my RPL-375 in to Jack at Optotronics to upgrade it to higher powered model. I waited couple of weeks because he had shipment coming in with new modules, and there was also holiday in China, then his initial burn in tests ofall units, an than power rating tests. But, let me tell you, it...
  16. Milos

    CLEANUP SALE - Lots of laser related stuff

    SOLD OUT !!!! CLEANUP SALE - Lots of laser related stuff As title says, this is big cleanup sale of all laser related stuff I do not need anymore. Due to lack of space, my little shop will have to transform to nursery soon, as my wife and I are expecting a little baby boy in January. For some...
  17. Milos

    Tired of "BOMB PRICE threads"

    I usually don't practice offensive in words, but tonight i feel like stating: I'm gettin' tired of "BOMB PRICE" threads good night
  18. Milos

    RED 335mW & VIOLET 248mW Stingray II for sale & !! Very Limited offer. !!!!

    RED 320>mW & VIOLET 225>mW Stingray II !! Very Limited offer. !!!! Hi guys, I need to try to recover from this years investment in this hobby. I built 6 units for anyone interested in owning high powered Stingray mod. I will not be building any lasers for sale until winter, (!) And even then...
  19. Milos

    High Powered lasers on Amazon.com

    Every 2-3 months i check Amazon.com, and for the lest two years (at least) nothing has changed as far as legality and availability of high powered Class-3B lasers (except price that went down :-) so, I ask you.. why do you think FDA lets me buy 10mW-250mW (ten different styles of pointers)...
  20. Milos

    Jayrob VS. LarryFDFW AR lens VS. Aixiz standards

    I'll try to do this as simply and as fairly as i can considering lack of time. I understand there is competition between two parties and even blames of "unfair play" so whatever needs to be added to this thread, feel free to state as long as it is A FACT! I ordered two lenses from Jayrob, and...