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  1. adgmeijin

    Hightechdealz NOT real good seller

    I ordered a bluray laser diode build in with aixiz module from HighTechDealZ - High Tech DealZ on October 10, 2011 (edited), until now i didnt get my item, Kendall Wyatt said that it takes a while if delivering international, but he fails me on my expectation, still until now no item has been...
  2. adgmeijin

    Noob Question about LG  GGCH20L Bluray Drive

    Any member dare to use this LG GGCH20L for some bluray project, can you specify the power can bring by the BRD inside it? is it useless or can be a good pointer than PS3 BR diode?Please anybody clear me up about this .. Thanks. :)
  3. adgmeijin

    My On-Going 22x LOC project!

    Hey guys i have an on going project building 22x LOC from LG 22x DVD burner, im still waiting for  DVD burner from my cousin. Any way i have the set up here for my project plan about this 22x LOC, im using DDL driver as usual same as my other previous project ive done, Chido and Gazoo already...
  4. adgmeijin

    my modified PS3 bluray laser

    I already modified my PS3 bluray to its peak range of current, it seems it is a freak BRLD, i dont know why it light the match, i dont have any laser power meter to test it, so i dont know what was the mW of this, im just using basic DDL driver and 3 rcr123a input, i dont test the current flow...
  5. adgmeijin

    WTB: PHR-803T at decent price!

    Hi guys im planning to buy PHR-803t, can please quote me a price for a sample and including shipping, my location country is Philippines , thanks, and im only sending payment via Western Union, cuz thats my only account to sent payments outside the country, thanks.
  6. adgmeijin

    Building 22x Laser project, help please!

    Hi guys im now building a RED burning laser using LG 22x DVD multi-burner drive,here's my ready made host to give you an idea what it looks like;), any way im using DDL driver w/ 3ohm resistor without a trimpot. I need your help guys specially the guys who knows well how to make a proper driver...
  7. adgmeijin

    LED boost driver mod

    Hi Im planning to mod this kind of LED boost driver to run BR LD, im trying to regulate the current using resistor, i hope this will work... :-/
  8. adgmeijin

    simplest boost LED driver, please modify...

    guys please try modify this simple boost LED driver to run bluray or red laser diodes, any suggestion and modification please reply on this thread.thanks
  9. adgmeijin

    simplest boost driver(moved)

    moved to exp and mod www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1210742738
  10. adgmeijin

    Who Build this? I need his help!

    Guys do you know who builds the DIY laser using Emergency charger? i you know please link him to me, I need his help, thanks.
  11. adgmeijin

    My modified Lasers!

    Hey Guys its been so long im not loging in in this forum cuz of some situation, but instead of being lonely i tried my best knowledge to work with this full home made laser handheld, i have no better tools to use for this so im carefully using common handtools to make this, thanks the two...
  12. adgmeijin

    My first home made Laser Goggles and Host!

    I try to make my own laser goggles by molding an acrylic colored plastic into goggle style, probably i made this first one only for Red DVD laser, it help my eyes to be safe perfectly and i see what kenom saying about the whitelight on the Red Laser sweet spot of focus, i planned to make another...
  13. adgmeijin

    My project action/beamshots

    here's some of my clip from my done 3 laser project, ive been using almost a month, the LG DVD 20x laser burner, IR 48x CDRW burner also from the same 20x LG multi Driver, and the PS3 bluray project in beam action, i use incense stick for some smoke.
  14. adgmeijin

    im looking for LPM for GOOD PRICE!

    Actually im looking for a cheaper price for LPM, cuz i cant detail my lasers how much power it put out, my Payment done was through Western Union. via Fedex, DHL, or UPS. will be ok. thanks :)
  15. adgmeijin

    My standard Host using DDL Driver!

    Guys this is my new fabricated host, it was easy to build, can be customized for your laser type projects, Body was designed only for RCR123A 3v or 3.6v Batteries. suggestions and comments are welcome ;)
  16. adgmeijin

    My Model laser Project

    Folk this is my finalized laser project that was totally homemade specially the casing :), the long one used 3pcs RCR123A 3.6v for the 4x BR laser burner using DDL circuit LD driver , the next one is the DVD 20x burner using 2pcs RCR123A 3.6v using also DDL circuit LD driver, then the last one...
  17. adgmeijin

    LG 4x BR laser pointer setup, guide please!

    guys i need some guide how to extract the LG 4x BRLD, how will i know the diode was BRLD? thanks.
  18. adgmeijin

    im building again my 2nd blu-ray laser! i have new

    Hi guyz specially to chido and gazoo who helps me a lot. any way im kinda experimenting here i have found a small regulator like transistor in my old electronic box. actually i have a zombie bluray LD as my medium.. here's the set up.. im now using 1pc 10 ohm resistor, 1n4001 polarity...
  19. adgmeijin

    LPF Guys helps me alot to build this babies!

    All the guys who helps me alot so I have this babies already , i thank you all for this ;D
  20. adgmeijin

    CDRW IR laser test

    Guys here's my clip of test of my IR laser harvested from LG 20x DVD burner, IRLD was used as CDRW burner at 48x speed, i used 140mA as maximum current and input 3.6v or 3pcs AAA rechargeable (1.2v rate each).