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    FEELER: Cree host with copper heatsink

    Hey guys, it's time for a new HDD which means I need to sell a laser. Between school and sports I haven't had much time to be on LPF so I have been absent for some time. I don't know what prices are, ect. I remember what they were a few months ago. Anyway, I have a Cree c3 host with a copper...
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    FEELER: LG Aries beam expander

    I have a basically brand new LG Aries beam expander. I got a PGL-300 in Glenn's CNI GB but, I am getting a refund because of multiple defective units. I will have no use for this so I was wondering who wanted it. It retails for $389 (its on sale right now i think for 20% off...)...
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    WTB: Reflect violet dichro

    Hey guys, I'm building a scanner and my reflect violet dichro dissappeared. I dont really want to spend another 75 dollars at CT lasers so i thought i would see if anyone here has one. As long as it reflects violet and passes red/green its perfect. Shoot me a PM if you have one or know...
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    First laser show! Whoo!

    Hey guys, I have been working on this for a while and most of my laser funds have gone into this. Im still waiting on a couple of parts but i was bored today so i hooked it up with DMX. I dont have a video camera right now (working on it :D) but i had my webcam. I almost didnt upload it...
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    WTB: Case

    Hey guys, I was in Glenn's GB and got a PGL-300. I need a case for it. Preferably an Aires case. Laserglow wont sell me one because "it is a loss to them". I have tried cases galore. The latch on the first was crooked, so they replaced it. The latch on the second broke off, and they...
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    WTB: waterproof green laser

    Hey guys, I have always wanted one of these. They seem really cool and allow you to have a laser with you all the time (even in the shower LOL...j/k). I am going on a trip soon and would like this laser before i go. I am leaving on the first of august so it would need to be shipped out as...
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    First laser scanner

    Hey guys, I am going to build my first laser projecter (sorry wallet)! I just wanted to make sure i have everything before i start on my project. I plan on using a soundcard dac and spaghetti. I want to mainly do beam shows that sync to music. I am terrible with making shows so i picked...
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    Lasers + Aircrafts

    Dont know when this was...just saw it on YouTube. YouTube - Green laser hits plane landing in Spokane What made me post this is what he said at 1:09. (plus the federal offense part/FBI part)
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    Custom Machine Work

    Hey, I am buying a 300mW green in scopeguy20's CNI GB (which is happening right now!! get your orders in before saturday night!) and i want a beam expander. I was thinking of DL's. The problem is that i need an adapter made to screw onto the beam expander and somehow attach to the laser. Im...
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    Beam expander

    Hey guys, Scopeguy20 is doing a CNI group buy pretty soon so i decided i would get a high powered green. Im getting the one that runs off of a single 18650. It is about half way down this page. It says : PGL-III(-C)-532/5~500mW I wanted a beam expander though. I was going to go for LG but...
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    LPM pinout

    Hey guys, I recently bought a LPM head from Laser_Ben. It was a very smooth transaction. No problems. Thankyou! I need to know the pinout. Which is input and which is output. There are 4 wires. There is a green, a white, a red, and a black. Any idea which are which? I think that red...
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    DIY scanner

    Hello everyone, I LOVE laser shows but my budget is VERY limited so i wanted to see if this would work. Yes i know they arent a "real" set of galvos but i heard they worked with laserboy...
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    RPL use

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of buying a RPL but I want to make sure I will want it a month down the road. So what do you guys use your high powered greens for? Thanks (I'm about to be at school so I may not always respond as fast...)
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    FS: Romisen blu-ray

    Hey guys, For sale today is a blu-ray in a romisen host.  It has a phr803t diode with a flexdrive set at 100mA.  The flexdrive is a refurbished driver that was repaired by Dr. Lava.  It uses a copper heatsink which gives it a solid weighty feel.  I will include a glow in the dark dust cap and a...
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    Dead diode.  But why?

    Hey guys, Well i think another is going to the graveyard  ;D  :'(  ;D Heres the deal.  I had a stonetek diode in an aixiz module connected to a rkcstr driver (300mA).  Its all in a z-bolt.com lab-style heatsink with a 4 AA battery holder connected to it.  It has been working fine for like 6...
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    Microphone questions

    Hey, Does anyone know how to hook up a microphone between two things so the microphone will limit how much voltage goes to one of the things? And does anyone know where to get some small cheap microphones? Thanks
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    Wtb: 2 14500 batteries

    Hey, I am looking for 2 PROTECTED 14500 batteries for my next project. I need them pretty soon. I can pay tonight with paypal. Pm me if you have any Thanks :)
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    WTB: 14500s and a charger

    Hey, Like the title says i need 2 14500s and a charger. I prefer protected 14500s. I have paypal ready. Thanks
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    FS: Dorcy jr. Blu-Ray 115mW *SOLD*

    hey guys, For sale is a dorcy jr blu-ray.  It has a phr803t diode with a v4 flexdrive set at 120mA.  It has a DH full body heatsink. Pics(if you want a certain picture of something i would be happy to take it  :)): The last pic (sorry for the crappy shot) shows that the spring has a...
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    WTB: Leadlight button

    hey guys, I recently bought a leadlight but the button was the wrong size. So I was wondering if anyone had a spare button (oval) that i could buy. Preferably black but i don't care really Thanks