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  1. Extrion

    Jetlasers 635nm Ti Pen

    I got my Jetlaser Ti pen yesterday and thought I would post some pictures of this little beauty. The host on this is very sweet, I love the look and feel of the Ti. On the LPM it measured a pretty steady 20mW and peaked at 22mW. I'm very happy with the purchase and the build quality, but that...
  2. Extrion

    Repairing 473nm Lab Style

    I was wandering around Ebay and found these cheap, $47 delivered. I was wondering how difficult it would be to repair something like this or how much it would cost to have one repaired. I'm starting to get this need to "collect the rainbow" that I see others have and this would be a cheap way...
  3. Extrion

    Free Shipping on Batteries

    I just posted this in the Arctic thread and thought I should post it here so people who are not reading that thread can take advantage of the deal. I have been using All-Battery.com for my rechargeable batteries and recently ordered some 18650's for my Arctic and DIY builds. They have a 4 pack...
  4. Extrion

    New Guy from Michigan

    Hello all, I've already posted a number of times and participated in several group buys, so I figured I was overdue for an introduction. I currently live in near Grand Rapids, Mi. My background is in electronics, mostly working in the semiconductor and solar manufacturing fields. Spent a...
  5. Extrion

    Wanting to have a laser's power measured

    I am in Michigan and was looking to see if anyone in the area had a LPM to measure the power of one of my lasers. I bought a laser from WL probably at least 4 years ago and it was sold as a 35mW but I can do things with it that I didn't think a 35mW was supposed to be able to do. I can cut...
  6. Extrion

    Nebo Flashlight as Host?

    I found today at an Army surplus store a Nebo flashlight. It is a great little light but upon further inspection I think it would probably make a great host. This thing comes apart really well. Most of the little lights I have looked at don't seem to disassemble into so many pieces. The rear...
  7. Extrion

    My First Laser Build

    After looking at the Blu-ray phaser some months back I decided to do something similar with an old NES light gun as my host. I've finally finished it and thought I would show the first few pictures of the build. I still have to improve the battery mount inside so I've only got some pictures of...
  8. Extrion

    AR Coatings

    I have done a little looking around but have not found the information that I am looking for and I was hoping there may be someone here know the answer. What material do they use for the different AR coatings on the lenses for the different wavelengths. Also what is the thickness of the...