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  1. OldNo7

    More 3D Printable Parts

    Open-Source 3D-Printable Optics Equipment Including Filter Wheel changer, Lab Jack, filter holders, chopper wheels and more. Some of these could be very useful in a projector (like the filter wheel) others could be used in a lab setup.
  2. OldNo7

    3D printable mirror mounts

    When I first started creating my projector I found these mounts but they cost $25 each. So I decided to make a 3D model and print my own. They may drift over time since they aren't metal. How much probably depends on the material you use to print them. You'll need to tap the holes for the...
  3. OldNo7

    New 3D printer - Peachy

    There's a kickstarter happening to make Photo-lithographic printers for $100. They are also asking for help from laser enthusiast on improving the process. He made his own Galvos, probably quite a bit slower than 30K though. I wonder if a set of cheap 12-25k galvos would be better? Kickstarter...
  4. OldNo7

    DMX Shield

    I know there's at least 2 people working on arduino based DACs who might find this useful. I've looked for something like this before but at the time no one was making them. Add DMX control to your Arduino based DAC or lumia. DMX Shield -...
  5. OldNo7

    SVG to ILD

    I've been building a projector for sometime now. I using a lasershark DAC and the openlase library. In the tools folder of the openlase source code there's a python script that converts svg (scalable vector graphics) files to ild files. It doesn't use the openlase library for the conversion so...