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  1. Tjfrost

    Do you like Samwu striker series and not like hakzaw1 <click here>

    Hey guys got a question just ordered the 1watt green 520nm striker series and wondering if the diodes burn out if you leave it on to long like the 5w and 7w blue laser diodes do... also has anyone got the samwu lightsaber kit and like it? because it looks a little flimsy and I have a wicked...
  2. Tjfrost

    Hey guys just signed up just trying to get into the laser groupies

    I'm not trying to say my laser is bigger than yours but I just purchased a samwu 520nm green 1w striker series not sure how long it's going to take but my last laser was the Arctic wicked laser and it was bomb so going for green now since I'm living in the mountains and want the people up here...
  3. Tjfrost

    whats the brightest farthest 1watt green laser pointer to buy?

    Hi guys I'm searching for the brightest and farthest green beam laser I can find I'm wondering if any of you have tried the Samwu 520nm 1watt STRIKER SERIES with the x3 beam expander or The 525nm <is it worth the extra 90$> if you know of a better hand held laser please let me know I live in...