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    Newb safety advice questions

    Ok I need major safety tips. I just fired off a 3 watt blue laser in sky without goggles to see beam and it it beautiful. I dare not look at its dot though without goggles. I did briefly look at my 200 mw red laser and 150 mw violets dot without goggles on my grass though. I currently have cheap...
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    Goggles from laserpointerstore safe?

    Hello are the goggles from laserpointerstore safe? Im thinking of snagging a few pairs due to nice price https ://laserpointer store. com/laser-accessories/safety-glasses-for-violet-blue-green-laser-190nm-to-540nm I put 3 spaces between the link cause I dont have 20 posts yet
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    Any telegram, discord or Facebook laser groups?

    I'm curious to see if any such ones exist. Would be nice
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    Newb needs help

    So I'm new and have a few questions. Is sanwu a good site? They seem affordable. Any sites into paypal? Also main thing I need help deciding on is should I get a three pack of lasers that has 80 mw green, 100 mw red and 150 me blue for 45 as newb or a one 3 watt blue laser for 100. Violet is...