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  1. DrSid

    LG sphere robot .. with laser

    LG today introduced phone controlled spherical robot .. Meet LG?s Rolling Bot, the spherical robot with lasers, lights, and cameras | TalkAndroid.com It's supposed to have live feedback camera .. and low power laser (they say for entertaining pets). Well guess what I'm thinking about .. and...
  2. DrSid

    3D image in midair at last !? Adding 3rd dimension to laser scanner !

    Sorry if it's being re-posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNoOiXkXmYQ Looks pretty basic so far, but pretty legit. Colors could be impossible to achieve, but it's a start ..
  3. DrSid

    Important milestone at NIF

    Looks like NIF got a huge step closer .. National Ignition Facility announces promising results for nuclear fusion | Fox News Sorry for not being able to link better source. Maybe you can find one !
  4. DrSid

    Airborne laser .. 445nm one ?

    As you might have noticed from my sig, I like ABL. While it might take few years since megawatt class lasers will be made available for hobbyists, time for some kind of airborne laser is already here. What am I thinking off ? You can get RC quadcopter for like $50 these days. I recently did get...
  5. DrSid

    CaptainDisillusion + 445nm phaser = win

    Not sure if it was not posted already (I did search though) .. but my favorite show mentioned my favorite hobby !
  6. DrSid

    Interesting effect, reportedly from Lyon, France

    Does anybody have any details about this ? Looks like the lasers com from the top, from some kind of mirror head. Still those lasers look awfully strong. On the other hand, there is a fence.
  7. DrSid

    Auto balloon popping demo

    I came across sweet video .. JhAw_ws8gAs Looks quite simple .. if you have RGB scanner. Still great idea !
  8. DrSid

    Laser humor ..

    Lately someone mentioned laser jokes .. and I think it's good idea to collect some. Actually to make some, as I can't recall ever hearing any. Putting some caption on a picture, or transforming old joke into laser joke would not be too hard, right ? So let me start ..
  9. DrSid

    Minimalistic 445nm 500mW Orange Emos Direct Drive

    Here is my new build. It's very simple. It's direct drive from 3 AAA batteries. Fresh Duracells give 600mA, so the power is around 500mW. I wanted something safer then my 1.5W, so this might be still a bit too much, but still I'm happy with it. For heat-sink I used simple 24mm spacers glued...
  10. DrSid

    Large apurture anyone ?

    Did anyone tried 445 nm diode with large aperture lens ? I was doing some experiments with 62mm aperture diameter, 500mm focal length photographic lens .. and it looks promising ! I only tested my low-powered direct drive, which does under 100mW with my current battery, so I can't really much...
  11. DrSid

    445nm <1.5W Solarforce L2P by Jayrob

    So finally I could put together my own 445. I chose Jayrob's L2P host: http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-solarforce-l2p-kit-18650-host-massive-heatsink-53746.html Here are some more Jayrob's pictures of it:http://laserpointerforums.com/f65/solarforce-l2p-445-maxed-blue-blaster-54050.html...
  12. DrSid

    Feeding diode from capacitor for pulses

    I'm thinking about 445nm laser gun for target shooting. I'd like to have short flash, as strong as possible. I'm thinking about simply feed the diode from charged capacitor. It might also be better idea to use current driver anyway, and to feed the driver from capacitor. Estimating right...
  13. DrSid

    445nm Dilda Direct Drive .. just for fun

    My diodes arrived today .. so I had to test them right ? And I don't have any driver yet .. so I tried direct drive with 4.5V battery. Even if it held the voltage, it should work at about 1W .. but it dropped nicely to 400mA, thus estimated 200-300mW. I used old broken dilda host, as it is easy...
  14. DrSid

    What is 'pitch' when talking about cutting lasers ?

    What is 'pitch' when talking about cutting lasers ? I'm doing some translation, and it makes no sense.
  15. DrSid

    Pulsed mode ?

    Did some try to run this diode in pulse mode ? I'm interested in compressing as much output in as small time interval as possible, without burning the diode of course. I'm thinking about pistol host with this mode for target shooting. It would be great if it could burn holes (or at least marks)...
  16. DrSid

    FocalPrice <200mW green AA

    I was buying famous focalprice anti-green glasses .. and when I was at it I browsed their cheap lasers for some curiosities .. and here is one. 200mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer (Black) Yep .. AA host. So how is it ? First .. it's not 200mW, but that was to be expected. It may actually be...
  17. DrSid

    200mw new style dilda from DX .. too strong ?

    I had old style dilda before (killed it) .. and on best focus it would burn through CD case in 10 seconds. I can't tell how strong it was, as I don't have LPM. Today I received new style variant of it (with better focus knob). It came with batteries .. so I put them in .. and it burned about...
  18. DrSid

    O-like focusable strong green .. which one ?

    I have two lasers in mind, not of them is reviewed here. 100mW transformable green laser/adjustable [OLV6100] - $81.99 New cute pocket Green laser 100mW /adjustable [OLCGL100] - $71.99 I especially like the 'cute' one, cause it's cute. Any references ? Any other options in the same class...