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  1. RedCowboy

    RGB hand held 400mw at O-like 269.00

    Anyone know if it's any good ? Also wonder about the RGB engine, could it be a RGB diode or a micro dicro package.......will be looking for the tiny engine for sale because at this price I expect they are using a small RGB module rather than a custom build with 3 diodes are optics........Looking...
  2. RedCowboy


    Noticed some more LEP items for sale besides the acebeam w-10 and w-30 flashlights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Weltool-848M-LEP-Tactical-Flashlight-18650-Spotlight-Outdoor-Long-Throw-Light/362648763832?hash=item546f8cfdb8:m:mGtYETYLnNH3EYa0znanCFQ...
  3. RedCowboy

    Russian nuclear rocket explosion

  4. RedCowboy

    Blue laser diodes could come with FAC

    Hope to see some high output blue diodes with FAC for sale soon. https://www.laserfocusworld.com/lasers-sources/whitepaper/16573876/fisba-ag-fast-axis-collimators-for-high-power-blue-laser-diodes
  5. RedCowboy

    Videos you wish to share part two.

  6. RedCowboy

    100mw 520 module from techhood/ebay

    I won a 100mw 520nm module from techhood on ebay, I have bought quite a lot from techhood but this module is clearly underspec. I also tested the TTL input and still it would not do more than 39mw. If you buy from ebay be prepared to deal with crap like this...
  7. RedCowboy

    DTR G8 lens

    DTR has a new lens in the line up, it's the G8, a long FL single lens broadband 400nm - 700nm The spot/bar size at 15 feet is comparable to the 3 element and the power test is with a nice strong NDB7875 running at 2.4a DTR G2 = 3139 DTR G3 = 2610 DTR G8 = 2921 3 element = 2475...
  8. RedCowboy

    7A75 corrected w/3XBE

    I was thinking about doing a corrected 7A75 and thought I would put it in this host I had, it was going to hold a nubm44 but I would need to have used a Sanwu G2 in order to get the beam to fit within the 3XBE output lens after correction with a 6X c-lens pair and expansion by the beam expanders...
  9. RedCowboy

    Anyone recognize this beam expander or it's lens coating ?

    I just bought this beam expander on ebay, it should arrive next week but the lens coating is unknown, it says 6X and " diode laser " so I'm thinking possibly IR ?? but hoping for VIS, looking at the front lens it looks like binocular objectives that I have but that means nothing, just wondered...
  10. RedCowboy

    Has anyone recieved a sanwu LPM yet ?

    I have noticed these for sale and they look pretty good, has anyone used one or tested it against another LPM ? https://www.sanwulasers.com/product/20wlpm
  11. RedCowboy


    I won a NUBM0AT at auction and tested it with it's GBall intact, I expected it would be a NUBM08 as the new designation is a mimic NUBM0AT as in Ohh Ate Tee.......anyway it comes on the new thin backing plate and at 4.5a is doing 6790mw, it looks like 450-455nm So these are putting out NUBM44...
  12. RedCowboy

    Has anyone used any F-Theta lenses ?

    These look interesting and from what I understand can be used after beam directing mirrors to reduce divergence. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=F-Theta+Scan+Lens&_sacat=0
  13. RedCowboy

    LPF community dual 44 project, Share your ideas.

    This thread is for members who want to participate in a group build with hosts being sourced through member Alaskan, the build is a dual nubm44 PBS combined and corrected via 6x cyl pair. Please share your ideas and expertise to make this project a success, if you want a host PM Alaskan. Here...
  14. RedCowboy

    Something interesting about Newgazer 7A75

    I won a couple of NDB7A75 diodes from Newgazer on ebay that were listed as " NEW " although they do have tin pins, but that's understandable as they would be pulls AFAIK. The divergence is good like an 05 diode but the interesting part is the color is not 445nm, I am not using a spectrometer...
  15. RedCowboy

    Pulse driven NUBM44 ?

    I have seen videos of people etching metal with these advertised 15W DIY laser heads, I had seen some that are junk but others appear to work. My question is has anyone pulse driven the NUBM44 ? Has anyone used these Chinese drivers? It says it takes standard TTL at <9Khz, so if I gave one an...
  16. RedCowboy

    Finally have a 1w greenie.

    I received my diodes that I won on ebay from Techhood today after only 2 1/2 weeks, not bad and I just had to see the NDG7475 emit some photons. It came with clean virgin pins, sorry I was too excited to get a pic before I had them soldered and heat shrink wrapped. I am going to run this at...
  17. RedCowboy


    I Thought I would make a thread for sharing info about the Osram 488nm single mode 60mw diode and other diodes like it when you find them. These appear to have static protection and a feedback sensor. Although prices had started sky high for the medical and scientific industry they no doubt...
  18. RedCowboy

    Is there a new 445/450 diode?

    I have not been able to get a reply from this seller and the pulsed ready made units I thought were 44/06 diodes simply pulsed, but I see the odd notches and big window in the supposedly new diode and wonder if there's not something new around. Has anyone pulse driven a 44/06 diode past 10...
  19. RedCowboy

    Why such a high price for only medium output?

    Why such a high price for medium output? Does anyone recognize this diode? Is this possibly a N-450 and if so what would make it worth that price? If it's a N-450 then the divergence is not even as good as a NDB7A75 from what I have seen, anyone have an idea...
  20. RedCowboy

    Jet 10X Beam Expander for sale or trade.

    I have a Jet 10X Beam Expander that has been gently used, never abused or damaged, it's in very good condition, I paid 100 dollars plus the mandatory 30 dollar express insured shipping making my cost 130.00. I will trade it for a sanwu 3X Beam Expander or 60 dollars, the cost of a sanwu 3X Beam...