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    SOLD - 500mw Green Laser with Battery/Charger and Safety Goggles

    (SOLD)Hi I am Selling a 500mw Green Laser in Great Condition. Comes with Rechargeable Battery+Charger and Safety Goggles. I don't have a Power Meter So I can't know for a fact what the exact Power is but I can tell you what this thing Can do to give you an idea of its Power. This laser Burned...
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    Yellow Laser So Expensive??

    HI I was wondering why are yellow lasers so expensive?? I would love to own one but looking at the prices I see that they are out of my price range.
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    Anyone in Los Angeles, CA with LPM?

    I was wondering if there is anyone around Los Angeles, California with a LPM willing to help me out. I wouldn't mind paying you to measure how much my laser outputs. I would of course travel to you. Thanks in advance much appreciated.
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    My First 500mw Green Laser

    I Don't have an LPM but this thing can burn through a CD case within Seconds!! I was trying to light a match(the hard way) and it ended up cutting the match! WOW!! lol I was definitely excited on that one. In Broad Daylight the Dot is clearly visible Far away in the distance; pointing at trees...
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    How to Look at your Posts??

    Hi, just bearly became a member and wanted to sell a laser. I have already posted it but it's awaiting to be accepted. So my question is Where can I see the Post I submitted to edit?