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  1. todkapuz

    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    Just a post for shipping times. Dragon Lasers VG-15 (532nm 15mW), AYP5 (589nm 5mW),VB30 (450nm 30mW), All were "in-stock". Same-business-day* shipment, arrival in Miami +13 days. (*see below) Order time March 30th 12:08PM (Saturday Afternoon Local, Sunday Morning China) Ship Notification...
  2. todkapuz

    Greetings from Miami

    Seems we have cancelled our migrations out. ^_^ Born and raised around the Houston area... Cypress-Fairbanks for part, Webster for the other (well and some Waco, but obviously not houston that part... ). Thanks, part of the reason for joining was to add to the thread on shipping times and...
  3. todkapuz

    Greetings from Miami

    I am here because of yellow lasers... But taking a few steps back, I'm from Miami....., Actually most of my life I lived in and around Texas, then spent 2 years in Indiana, and now been here for many years. While I started in emergency services (fire fighter/EMT), after too many years of...