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  1. RoBeacon

    Prism Optics

    I've been looking for some prisms for my lasers and I'm seeing that they come with coatings, different materials and tolerances. I'm not doing any kind of official lab work this is just a fun hobby. I would like to setup a couple prisms, mirrors, etc. Just to move the beam around the table /...
  2. RoBeacon

    Infrared from 445nM

    Hey all, I've had a couple of lasers for around 10 years now. I just bought a 1.2 Watt 445nM laser and a pair of Eagle Pair goggles 190-540 OD5 rating. These however do not filter IR. That is where my concern begins. Do I need to buy the wave length blocking glass and get an IR testing card or...
  3. RoBeacon

    Cheap China Lasers Houdini

    I haven't been in the market for a laser in many months now. I bought a cheap China laser a while ago and liked it a lot for the price. 532nM supposedly 200Mw for $35.00. I was looking for other wavelengths for around the same price and spec. I purchased from T-mart since 35 bucks wasn't a make...
  4. RoBeacon

    200mW Tmart Green laser Burning

    This is the $33.00 "200mW Green Flashlight style laser" from Tmart. The Tip of the match was Red and was not colored black. YouTube - 200mW Green Laser
  5. RoBeacon

    FDA Approved Companies

    I'm looking for a list of FDA approved companies. For example Laser Pointer Pen - ⊕ Powerful Blue,Red,Green Laser Pointer Best Deal - Laser Pointer Pen. They say their lasers meet all the requirements and they look as if they do to me. Can you add any companies to the list?
  6. RoBeacon

    Prison to use 'excruciating' laser pain ray to control unruly inmates

    Wow... Anyone think they can get the specs on this thing? Prison to use advanced laser 'pain ray' to control unruly inmates | Mail Online
  7. RoBeacon

    532nM & 405nM 5mW Beamshots EBAY

    I recently purchased 2 lasers from Ebay seller KunYan, a 532nM 5mW and a 405nM 5mW. So far I am very impressed. These are my first laser purchases. I must say more power seems a little scary (cool but scary).They are pen style pointers running off of 2 AAA Eneloops. I had just fried some chicken...