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    FS: SolarForce L2P Kit! - 18650 Host With Massive Heatsink...

    Jay, Any idea yet if you can do all of this with the L2T host? Solar Force L2T Flashlight Host for 18650 - L2 Host Black Finish It's 4mm shorter than the L2P, comes with a forward clicky instead of the reverse clicky on the L2P, doesn't have a silly "attack" bezel, has a sexy ultra matte...
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    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $119.99.. In Stock I understand what the subject of the thread is. I was following up to a post made about a month ago...
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    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $119.99.. In Stock Just an FYI for the thread, this is what I ended up doing. I got a 0.5" metallic ND filter with an optical density of 0.3 (which translates to almost exactly 50% transmission through the filter). I just used...
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    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $119.99.. In Stock So would my Deluxe LaserBee I have any trade-in value towards this new 2.5W USB LPM? :yh:
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    ARCTIC HOST feeler! interested? READ

    You can put me down for one of these if they do materialize at some point. I'd probably go for more than one, but only after I have one to check out first. I think I'll build an "Arctic" without the time wasting security code switch and rave simulators I have to scroll through every time I...
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    The "Blue Ninja" - 445nm 1,700mW DIY Creation

    I found the enclosure in eBay store "Rf_Cable_Assemblies" by seller "rfbat" in China: Rf Cable Assemblies items - Get great deals on Wifi Antenna, N Connectors items on eBay Stores!
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    The "Blue Ninja" - 445nm 1,700mW DIY Creation

    I too must know who makes that enclosure in such an usual size/shape.
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    My new 445nm Ehgemus build!

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    O-Like red laser?

    The big question is...can the lens be replaced by one of the lenses available here on the forums to squeeze out a bit more power?
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    Two WL Spyder 3 Arctics Measured

    I'm not sure why others have seen such a dramatic (100mW) power drop with the standard glass lens in place. I just received a Spyder 3 Arctic (G2) yesterday (after a short 5+ month wait) and checked it out at 720mW without the standard lens and about 10mW less with the lens in place. Maybe WL...
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    The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

    They do look the same, but one vendor says 190nm-550nm and the other says 370-560nm. Neither list a filter material, a manufacturer, any specific approvals or test results...just a $12 pair of mystery Chinese safety glasses with what might as well be make-believe specs. Compare that to the...
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    The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

    The glasses I just mentioned right above your post would be appropriate...
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    The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

    I'll put in another recommendation for these particular safety glasses. Looks like the exact same "Style 35" ARG LaserShields I have from NoIR: NoIR LaserShields Style 35 Filter Argon/KTP-EN207 (ARG) They have a very good OD 7+ rating all the way from 190nm-532nm. NoIR provides actual...
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    Tutorial: Blu-Ray With TEC! - Step by Step

    Check out the switching regulators at dimensionengineering.com. They're basically high efficiency "drop-in" replacements for the 78XX analog series. I think my next "free time" project will be a variation of your "Ice Box" here (with a 12x diode of course)...
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    FS: DIY Green Kit! Host, Heatsink - Easy Assembly!

    I do! Super quick, simple, solid assembly. I put a wimpy pot-modded DX module in there for now, but I'm trying to hold out for a bit just in case that 250mW o-like module rumor comes true...
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    Diodes Compilation - All Diodes Data In One Thread!

    With a Vf of 6V (blu-ray), diode current drops about 3mA and voltage about 3mV. Divide those numbers by 2 for a Vf of 3V.
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    Make o-like 200mw new style dilda stronger

    My "new style" red Dilda output is the same with 3.0V or 3.6V batteries. Maybe you're thinking about the older style, and the drivers are different?
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    New DX Green MODULES

    DX took their sweet time (over a month), but I finally got a "5mW" module: DealExtreme: $7.29 5mW 532nm Green Laser Module (3V 11.9mm) I can confirm a 1/2W resistor on the driver. No red mark anywhere. Initially measured at 14mW peak (w/IR). The output seemed to taper off after about 300mA...
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    FS: Meredith Glass Lenses Fit For AixiZ! +20% Red!

    Got it today and the results are in: 185mW before 224mW after (+21%) Thanks again Jay. :D I may be looking at that "DIY Green" of yours next...
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    New Pocket Sized 200mW 532nm Laser Mni Review

    I'd get in on this custom green "Dilda" order but I never get the registration confirmation e-mail from the other forums. The contact page is also broken so I can't contact an admin there. Anyone here from the "other side" who can assist please PM.